Person:Samuel Farnes (2)

Samuel Farnes abt 1638
  • HSamuel FarnesBef Abt 1638 - Bef 1704
  • WUnknownAbt 1643 - 1700/01
m. by abt 1663
  1. Samuel Farnes1663 - Aft 1724
  2. Elizabeth Farnes1665 - 1718
  3. John Farnes1667/68 - Bef 1693
  4. Martha FarnesCal 1670 - 1706/07
Facts and Events
Name[1] Samuel Farnes
Alt Name[1][2] Samuel Ferns
Gender Male
Birth[1] by abt 1638 Based on estimated date of marriage.
Marriage by abt 1663 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
to Unknown
Death[1] Bef May 1704 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States (probably)

Jacobus' Construct of the Family of Samuel Ferns/Farnes of New Haven

"Samuel3 Munson, son of Samuel2 and Martha (Bradley), and grandson of Capt. Thomas1 and Joanna, was born 28 Feb. 1669, resided in Wallingford, Conn., and died 23 Nov. 1741. According to Munson's 'The Munson Record' (p. 90), his first wife was Martha _____, who died 7 Jan. 1707, leaving eight children. The following facts shed some light on this lady's identity, which has hitherto remained a mystery. In May 1704, administration on the estate of Samuel Ferns, Sr., of New Haven, deceased, was granted to Thomas Sperry. Later in the same year, an agreement was made by Thomas Sperry and Samll Munson, sons-in-law to Samuel Ferns of New Haven, deceased, providing for the disposal of his estate and for the maintenance of Samuel Ferns [Jr.] (New Haven County Court Records, vol. 2, pp. 152, 173). Since Samuel Munson's first wife, Martha, was living at this time, it seems certain that she was a daughter of Samuel Ferns. Her birth and marriage are not recorded in the vital records, where we find the births of three of his children: Samuel, Elizabeth, and John. As Samuel, Jr., had to be maintained by his brother-in-law, it is likely that he was an invalid or an imbecile. Although he was heir to some property, he executed no deeds, and there is no probate of his estate. Probably it went to Thomas Sperry in return for maintenance. As for the son John, he seems to have died in his Father's lifetime. In 1705, Widow Sackett and her son John were appointed guardians to John, son of John Ferns, deceased (New Haven County Court Records vol. 2, p. 202). On 26 June 1712, James Ferns, minor child of John Ferns, late resident at Woodbury, deceased, chose Serjt Samuel Mundson of Wallingford to be his guardian (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 4, p. 54). In 1724, on the death of James Ferns of Milford, some dispute arose as to whether his estate should go to his uncle, Samuel Ferns of New Haven, or to John Olmstead of Norwalk, whose wife was sister of the half blood to the deceased (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 5, pp. 200, 216). As the court decided in favor of the uncle, it is assumed that the estate came from the father's side, and that Olmstead's wife was half-sister on the mother's side; and this is substantiated by the Norwalk records, which show that John Olmstead's wife was Mary, daughter of Robert Small, 'transient, sometime of Norwalk.' From these facts and conjectures it is possible to construct this pedigree of the family:

1. Samuel2 Ferns, of New Haven, died in 1704.

i. Samuel,2 b. 2 July 1663; living in 1724; probably d. unm.
ii. Elizabeth, b, 7 Dec. 1665; d. 22 Apr. 1718; m. 18 Nov. 1684, Thomas Sperry, b. 13 July 1655, d. 1722.
2. iii. John, b. 3 Mar. 1668.
iv. Martha, b. abt. 1670; d. 7 Jan. 1707; m. abt. 1688, Samuel Munson of Wallingford, b. 28 Feb. 1669, d. 23 Nov. 1741.

2. John2 Ferns (Samuel1), born 3 Mar, 1668, died before 1705, and probably before his father. He lived at Woodbury, Conn., and married the widow of Robert Small, who, by her former husband, had a daughter Mary Small, who married, 29 Feb. 1718, John Olmstead of Norwalk, Conn.

i. John,3 must have d. num. before his brother, unless his name, which appears only in the modern copy of the court records, be a clerical error for James.
ii. James, of Milford, Conn., d. unm, 1724."[2]
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  3.   The following needs researching for proof:
    Possible father of Samuel:
    John Farnes III b ca 1605, wife Unknown
    His parents:
    John Farnes Jr. b ca 1582 in Cuckfield, Sussex, Eng d ca 1675, New Haven, New Haven, CT
    m 26 Dec 1603 in Cuckfield
    Alice Turrels b ca 1582
    Parents of John Jr:
    John Farnes Sr b ca 1557
    m 2 Jul 1582 in Goudhurst, Kent, Eng
    Rabredge Beache b ca 1561 in Goudhurst