Person:Samuel Denny (4)

Samuel Denny
b.BET 1700 AND 1715
  • HSamuel DennyBet 1700 & 1715 - Abt 1808
  • WSarah SudderthAbt 1722 - 1800
m. ABT 1740
  1. Lazarus DennyAbt 1740 -
  2. John Denny1745 - 1780
  3. Charles DennyAbt 1750 -
  4. William Denny1750 - 1820
  5. Azariah Denny1752 -
  6. Henry DennyBef 1755 -
  7. Benjamin DennyBef 1755 -
  8. James DennyAbt 1755 - 1811
  9. Shared DennyAbt 1757 -
  10. Keziah DennyAbt 1759 -
  11. Charles DennyAbt 1760 - Abt 1834
  12. Nancy Denny1761 -
  13. Polly DennyAbt 1763 -
  14. Margaret DennyAbt 1765 - 1842
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Denny
Gender Male
Birth? BET 1700 AND 1715
Alt Birth? ABT 1710 Albemarle County, Virginia
Marriage ABT 1740 to Sarah Sudderth
Alt Death? AFT 1772 Prob. Surry County, North Carolina
Death? ABT 1808 Gallia County, Ohio

5. SAMUEL5 DENNEY (JOHN4 DENNY, DAVID3, SAMUEL2, ROBERT1) was born 1715 in Albemarle Co., Va, and died Aft. 1804 in Gallia Co., Oh. He married SARAH SUDDARTH Abt. 1739 in Va, daughter of WILLIAM SUDDARTH and PARTLOW MILLS. She was born 1720 in ALBEMARLE, VIRGINIA, USA, and died 1800 in SURRY, NORTH CAROLINIA, USA.

Notes for SAMUEL DENNEY: [G181.ftw]

!BIRTH-DEATH: Seymour Area History, pub 1992, p 163, from Smiley Denney, great-grandson of Charles Denney, Jr. !BIOGRAPHY: Samuel Denney immigrated from England or Ireland. In 1973 two Louisville, KY ladies working on the Denney genealogy took down the accoun of Lela Denney Hutcheson of the Wayn Co KY Denneys. Seh said: that some time prior to 1642 the Denneys had migrated to Dublin Ireland from the Highlands of Scotland. Some of those Denneys became Catholic and others remained Presbyterians. In 1642 the native Irish who were Catholic rebelled against the English landlords and there was a massacre. This caused Edward Denney to go to Tralee, Ire. From there two of this, Jeremiah and Iseriah, migrated to Hanover Co VA, four of Jeremiah's sons whent to KY around 1800. A proven fact is that during the period 1756-1767 there were numerous Denneys in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western VA and NC. On Nov 14, 1800, Charles Denney Sr and his wife Anna (Duncan) sold land located in Grayson Co VA and moved to Wayne Co KY. The state of Ky issued at least seven land grants to Charles Denney Sr, earlies 1802. (This account proved by Daisy Lee Denney Williams and Ralph Denney);Seymour Area History, pub 1992, p 161 !QUESTION: Was this Samuel Denney perhaps not the immigrant or was he son of Jeremiah or Iseriah and immigrated with them?

More About SAMUEL DENNEY and SARAH SUDDARTH: Marriage: Abt. 1739, Va

Children of SAMUEL DENNEY and SARAH SUDDARTH are: i.LAZARUS6 DENNEY, b. Abt. 1740, Albemarle Co., Va. ii.JOHN DENNEY, b. 1745, ALBEMARLE, VIRGINIA, USA; d. October 07, 1780, Kings Mopuntain, Cuilford Co., Nc. iii.CHARLES DENNY, b. Abt. 1750, , Albemarle, Va; d. Kentucky. 6.iv.WILLIAM DENNY, b. 1750, Of, Albemarle, Va; d. 1820, Surry Co., Nc. 7.v.AZARIAH DENNEY, b. 1752, ALBEMARLE, VIRGINIA, USA; d. Surry Co., Nc. vi.HENRY DENNY, b. Bef. 1755, Albemarle Co., Va. vii.BENJAMIN DENNY, b. Bef. 1755, <, Surry, Nc>. viii.JAMES DENNY, b. Abt. 1755, Surry, Co., Nc; d. 1811, Fortville, Indiana. ix.SHARED DENNY, b. Abt. 1757, <Surry, Co., Nc>. x.KEZIAH DENNY, b. Abt. 1759, Surry Co., Nc; d. Grayson Co, Va. 8.xi.CHARLES DENNEY, SR, b. Abt. 1760, ALBEMARLE, VIRGINIA, USA; d. Abt. 1834. xii.NANCY DENNEY, b. 1761. xiii.POLLY DENNY, b. Abt. 1763, Of, Surry, Nc. xiv.MARGARET DENNY, b. Abt. 1765, Of, Surry, Nc; d. October 16, 1842, Pickaway Co., Oh.

Family Group

Husband Samuel Denny

Born: approx. 1715  - Albemarle Co., Virginia
Marr: approx. 1740  -   
Died: approx. 1808  - Gallia Co., Ohio

Father: Mother: Other Spouses:


Sarah Ann Suddarth

Born: approx. 1720  - Albemarle Co., Virginia 
Died: 1800          - Surry Co., North Carolina  

Father: William Suddarth Mother: Partlow Mills Other Spouses:


Elizabeth Denny

Born: 1753          - Albemarle Co., Virginia
Marr: 1771 - Britton "Priddy" Meeks
Died:               - Hart Co., Kentucky

Lazarus Denny
Born: approx. 1740  - Albemarle Co., Virginia
Died:               - 

Charles Denny
Born:               - 
Died:               - 

Henry Denny
Born:               - 
Died:               - 

James Denny
Born:               - 
Died:               - 

Keziah Denny
Born:               -  
Died:               - 

John Denny
Born:               - 
Died:               - 

William Denny
Born:               - 
Died:               - 

Azariah Denny
Born:               - 
Died:               - 

Benjamin Denny
Born:               - 
Died:               - 

Samuel Denny
Born:               - 
Died:               - 

Shered Denny
Born:               - 
Died:               - 

Nancy Denny
Born:               - 
Died:               -