Person:Ruth Tremble (1)

b.23 JAN 1944
d.26 NOV 2001
m. 12 FEB 1934
  1. Ruth Ann TREMBLE1944 - 2001
Facts and Events
Name Ruth Ann TREMBLE
Gender Female
Birth[1] 23 JAN 1944
Death[3] 26 NOV 2001
  1. Personal Records
    Personal Records of Jim Tremble (son of Louis Leo Tremble and Thelma Bugh).
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  3. Dear Friend/Relative,

    This is Ryan Helzerman, Ruth's youngest son.

    I am sorry to inform you that Ruth passed away Monday, November 26, 2001 at 9:30 p.m. due to complications of diabetes and congestive heart failure. She asked that no public events be planned surrounding her death or burial.

    I wanted to log on as Mom and give you this message, in case you were to email her and wonder as to why she does not respond.

    Thanksgiving day, Mom was sleeping, and I went in to rouse her to come out for Dinner. As I was the only child to come home this year, I had worked for many hours on the meal, and had not noticed that she had not stirred for some time. In fact, no one seemed to notice that she had not been out of bed for two and a half days. It is normal for her to lie down, and Dad has been busy with the classes he teaches.

    I could not wake her, so I was concerned. I knew she was alive, because she was making the normal sounds associated with sleep, but she would not wake up. I called 9-1-1. I told her that the ambulance was coming.

    In true Ruth Helzerman form, this roused her somewhat. She pointed to a pile of her clothes on the floor, and told me to hang up those clothes if company was coming! She proceeded to have me scamper about her room to tidy up. You know Mom: she was always the hostess even to the end!

    She was admitted to the hospital, and stayed in the cardiac unit until her passing. Due to her congestive heart failure, she could not take in enough oxygen to maintain consciousness. Also, her decreased blood pressure caused her kidneys to stop functioning, promoting fluid retention and blood toxin build-up. This is what truly ended her life.

    The pain of her stiff body, her chronic knee pain, and the pain associated with her failing kidneys was overbearing, so we kept her on pain medication as necessary for her comfort. Also, the fluid build-up in her body was crippling. Her wishes were to not be recessitated or put upon life support in times like these, but she did request "the good stuff" when it came to pain management. Too, she developed a bedsore on her left ankle that we knew was very painful.

    Friday morning, I called my three siblings and told them that they had better come home: these were Mom's final moments. Thankfully, I'm not one to cry "wolf," so they dropped everything and flew in. We were together as a whole family by Saturday night.

    When Mom heard my brother Randy's voice in the hospital room, she came about and had about 90 minutes of alert consciousness. My Dad and we four children gathered around her bed and shared our good-byes. She had wonderful things to say to each of us, and she told us that "it was worth it" to have a family. We sang some of her favorite hymns, and she piped right in not missing a note. On the final chorus of "When All My Labors and Trials are Over" (the Glory Song), she fall back into her unconsciousness and did not awaken.

    She remained in this state until 9:00 Monday evening, when her left side began to shake. The doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer for her IV, and within the half-hour she died. She went without pain or struggle: Mom was ready to die. God gave her a quiet passing into sleep.

    As I mentioned, Mom insisted in her will that we let some time pass before releasing the fact that she died. She stipulated that no funeral service was to be held, and she wanted much frugality with regard to her burial. We are heeding her wishes, and will officially release her obituary December 15.

    Please know that her passing was devastating for us, but we did have a wonderful time as a family to say good-bye. She was right with the Lord, and was ready to shed the tired old body to exchange for sweet sleep. I can't wait to see the new glorified body God has designed especially for her as she walks the Streets of Gold without hindrance or handicap.

    I know that once the news reached our local church leaders, they will plan some type of Memorial. If you would like to attend, I can forward the information to you. Please feel no obligation, as Mom had no intention of any public hub-bub. Instead, if you would like to send a letter to be read, please mail it to me, and I will see that it is delivered and read.

    R. Helzerman
    2011 Old State Road 66

    Newburgh, IN 47630-8207

    She was a wonderful mother, and a close friend to me. We will surely miss her, but are heartened when we realize that her years of physical pain are behind her. She rests in the grave waiting to hear the trumpets of Christ's return. When she is caught up in the air, I know she will look back on this earth and rejoice in her blessed homecoming.

    You may contact me at, or continue using for the time being. I will terminate her email account when I am certain I have contacted all the friends with whom she corresponds on here.

    We mourn, yet are thankful for her good years and dear friends,

    Ryan Helzerman