Person:Rossie Alexander (1)

Rossie E. Alexander
b.22 JUN 1840 Elbert Co., GA
d.10 OCT 1938 Elbert Co., GA
m. 9 SEP 1830
  1. W. J. AlexanderAbt 1831 -
  2. W. AlexanderAbt 1835 -
  3. George W. AlexanderAbt 1837 -
  4. M. AlexanderAbt 1838 -
  5. Rossie E. Alexander1840 - 1938
  6. Permealy E. AlexanderAbt 1843 -
  7. Mary AlexanderAbt 1844 -
  8. Cora A. AlexanderAbt 1847 -
  9. Robert T. Alexander1850 - 1922
m. 9 AUG 1860
  1. Clarence Craft1862 - 1939
  2. Laura Emily Craft1866 - 1929
  3. George “Bob” Robert Craft1869 - 1935
  4. James Willis Craft1871 - 1941
  5. Mattie CraftAbt 1874 -
  6. Betty Lou Craft1878 - 1952
  7. Myrtice CraftAbt 1884 - 1974
Facts and Events
Name Rossie E. Alexander
Gender Female
Birth? 22 JUN 1840 Elbert Co., GA
Census[1] 1850 Elbert, Elbert, Georgia
Census[2] 1860 Page No. 79, Elberton, Elbert, GA
Marriage 9 AUG 1860 Elberton, Elbert Co., GAto William Anderson Craft
Census? 1870 Page No. 37, Sheet 193, Moss, Elbert
Census? 1880 Page No. 13, Sheet No. 85A, District 22, Dark Corner, Anderson, South Carolina
Census? 1900 District 19, Gaines, Elbert, Georgia
Census? 1920 Sheet 1B, District 32, Goshen, Elbert, GA
Census? 1930 District 2, Elberton, GA
Death? 10 OCT 1938 Elbert Co., GA

  • Lived with son Clarence in 1930.

The obituary for Rossie A. Craft was found in the Tuesday, October 25, 1938 edition of The Elberton Star newspaper,

Elberton, Georgia Mrs. Rossie Craft, 98 years old, native and lifelong resident of Elbert County, and the oldest white resident of Elbert County, died at the home of her son J. W. Craft, near Harmony last Saturday morning at 3 o'clock. The funeral services were conducted at Rock Branch Baptist Church Sunday aftern oon at 3 o'clock by Reverend J. W. Keller. Burial was in the church cemetery w ith Elberton Department Store funeral directors in charge. Mrs. Craft had been a member of Rock Branch Baptist Church continuously for 82 years. She is surv ived by 2 sons and 2 daughters; Messers J. W. Craft and Clarence Craft and Mrs. J. S. Taylor of Elbert County and Mrs. A. J. Lovingood of College Park. She a lso leaves a large family of grand children, great-grandchildren, great-great-g randchildren and great-great-great-grandchildren.


The following was copied from the Friday, June 17, 1938 Elberton Star Newspaper, Elberton, Georgia.

Mrs. Rossie A. Craft to Celebrate 98th Birthday Anniversary at Home Wednesday (By Herbert Wilcox) Mrs. Rossie A. Craft will be 98 years old on Wednesday, June 22, and strangely enough, she has no pet rule or theory as to why she has remained hale and hearty for s o many years. In fact, she admits that 30 years ago, when she was a youngster of merely 68, that she didn't believe that she would live the year out. She would like to celebrate her birthday by having her children, grandchildren, great - grandchildren, and great - great - grandchildren--she couldn't tell at th e minute how many there are--gather around for an old fashioned birthday dinner but her doctor is afraid that the big crowd would be too exciting for her so t he day will be celebrated very quietly. Mrs. Craft was born in Elbert County and has lived in the county all of her 98 years. She has been a member of Rock Branch Baptist Church for 82 years which must be something of a record in itself. Her husband, who has been dead for many years, was a member of the same church and she still has his Bible which he picked up on the battlefield at Malvern Hill and in it are marked texts used by various preachers at Rock Branch Church. Mrs. Craft's conversation probably reveals why she has enjoyed such a long life. She has kept a keen interest in the world about her. Naturally, she enjoys telling of the old days when she had to spin yarn and weave her clot h, and she chuckles as she tells of celebrating Christmas with firecrackers sh e made of goose quills packed with gun powder. But she is much more interested in the things around the farm today and the fresh vegetables that are coming in. Though confined to the house, she watches through her window and knows where every mule is plowing and whether the hands are doing good work or not. Sh e thinks the young people of today are as fine a lot as she has ever seen and t hat the girls are mighty pretty. However, she believes that everybody has thin gs pretty easy these days and that a little more work would be good for them. She thinks automobiles are wonderful and is still a little breathless at the speed with which people get from place to place. She is sure, however, that a spirited saddle horse furnishes the most thrilling and satisfactory means of t ravel ever found. She would like to get in the saddle again but the young folk s would never permit it. Mrs Craft is making no promise to live to a hundred or beyond but the chances are that she will. <img src="">

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