Person:Rose Parker (1)

Rose Hannah Parker
m. 9 Sep 1861
  1. William Parker1840 - 1841
  2. William Parker1843 - 1843
  3. Nephi Moroni Parker1845 - 1845
  4. Louisa Parker1848 - 1865
  5. Rose Hannah Parker1854 - 1935
  6. Thomas James Parker1856 - 1899
  7. Arthur FitzAllen Parker1857 - 1918
  8. John George Parker1857 - 1924
  9. Samuel Parker1859 - 1860
  10. Henry (Harry) Parker1861 - 1943
  11. Frank Parker1862 - 1863
  12. Oscar FitzAllen Parker1864 - 1932
  13. Joshua Parker1867 - 1868
  14. Caleb Parker1867 - 1933
  15. Agnes Parker1870 - 1958
  16. Anne Elizabeth Parker1872 - 1947
m. 14 Mar 1870
  1. Elizabeth Mary Norris1871 - 1951
  2. Mary Ann Norris1872 - 1935
  3. Walter Norris1874 - 1949
  4. Reuben Norris1876 - 1955
  5. Agnes Norris1878 - 1961
  6. Rose Hannah Norris1880 - 1926
  7. Thomas James Norris1882 - 1964
  8. Arthur Fritz Allen Norris1884 - 1962
  9. Emmaline Norris1886 - 1981
  10. John William Norris1889 - 1969
  11. Amanda Helen Norris1892 - 1901
  12. Lavinea Norris1895 - 1967
  13. Son Norris1897 - 1897
  14. Son Norris1898 - 1898
Facts and Events
Name Rose Hannah Parker
Gender Female
Birth? 8 Aug 1854 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Marriage 14 Mar 1870 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USAto Walter Norris
Death[1] 28 Jun 1935 Randolph, Rich, Utah, USA
Burial? 1 Jul 1935 Randolph Cemetery, Randolph, Rich, Utah, USA
Ancestral File Number 1Z0L8V
Other? Lot 2 Cemetery Description

EP Rose Hannah Parker Norris

Rose Hannah Parker was born August 8, 1854 at Leicester, Leicestershire, England, the oldest child of John Parker and Ann Hubbard.

John Parker and his family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in England. Rose Hannah was baptized when eight years of age on her birthday August 8, 1862.

After joining the church the family had a desire to come to Zion and they all worked and saved money toward this goal. Rose's mother took in work from the factory to help provide for the family and all of the children, even as youngsters went to work.

Rose Hannah's older brother Alma Moroni, son of John Parker and Mary Ann Scott left first for America. He sailed May 21, 1864 on the ship "General McClellan." Five years later Rose, although she was only fifteen, sailed on the ship "Minnesota" August 25, 1869.

She came with a Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Gunn. They came into Morgan, Utah on one of the first passenger trains.

The settlers were having trouble with the Indians driving off their cattle and carrying off their women and children so Brigham Young advised the young people to get married, thinking that the young girls would be safer if they were married. Rose met Walter Norris there in Morgan and they were married in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City by Brigham Young March 15, 1870.

Later that year, 1870, they were called to go to Liberty, Bear Lake, Idaho to help Charles C. Rich settle the area. Their first child Elizabeth Mary (Lizzie) was born in Liberty March 24, 1871. The following summer they were called to Randolph, Rich, Utah to help Wilford Woodruff settle that area. They were allowed one half block to build on. Walter built a large log room, it caught fire and they lost all their belongings. They then built a two-room log house on the southwest corner where the brick home stands today.

The Indians came often to the little home of Walter and Rose Hannah. They were never turned away without first being fed. The Indians grew to love and respect the young couple. One day several Indian bucks were at the home and were eating a meal, one of them kept admiring the little yellow haired daughter that was playing in the room. Later Rose missed the girl and could not find her. One of the Indians was also missing. The other Indians told Rose not to worry that they would bring the girl back. They left and a short time later returned with Elizabeth unharmed. They told Walter and Rose that they would not need to fear that this would happen again. Walter and Rose never saw the Indian who had taken Elizabeth again and they felt that maybe the Indians had killed him.

Walter and Rose Hannah were the parents of fourteen sons and daughters; the last thirteen were born in Randolph, Rich, Utah. Her last two children were stillborn and one girl died as a young girl of nine years, the other eleven grew to manhood and womanhood.

Rose Hannah helped in the Church when she could, she joined the Relief Society and was a teacher in that organization. In later years she was asked to take over the quilting. She helped to put the quilts on the frames and marked them for the ladies to work on.

Rose Hannah did not travel much. She went to Salt Lake City a few times. And she did some work in The Logan Temple. She did take one longer trip and went to Nevada to visit her daughter Mary Ann Barton.

She worked in the Relief Society until her health failed. She died June 28, 1935 and is buried in the Randolph Cemetery. Her husband Walter had preceded her in death having died June 27, 1933.

Written by Agnes Norris Brooker - daughter

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