Person:Robert Swayn (2)

Robert Swayn
m. Abt 1532
  1. John SwayneAbt 1533 - 1543
  2. Edward SwayneAbt 1535 - 1575
  3. Robert SwaynAbt 1540 -
  • HRobert SwaynAbt 1540 -
  1. John SwayneAbt 1585 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4][5] Robert Swayn
Gender Male
Birth[6] Abt 1540 Rye, Sussex, England
Death? Y
Ancestral File Number 18QH-B73
  1. Rye Shipping Records (2). (N.p.: Sussex Record Society, n.d.)
    10., 20 Nov 2008.

    Quality: 4 Government Return of Shipping 1580
    Fisherboates Burden Owners Master Mariners
    Speadwell 15 John Rowes Robert Swayne ---
    Robert Swayne

  2. Rye Shipping Records. (N.p.: Sussex Record Society, n.d.)

    Government Return of Shipping 1596
    Fyssher boates
    Master Ship Burthen
    Robert Swayne The Gyfte 24 tons
    Henry Swayne The Speedwell 26 tons

  3. Rye Shipping Records. (N.p.: Sussex Record Society, n.d.)

    Account Book for collection of the Maltod, Aug - Dec 1599
    Keysedge & Mesuredge
    September 10 Out of Robert Swayne
    Mr Harvye 2 hogshead wyne 2p

  4. Rye Shipping Records. (N.p.: Sussex Record Society, n.d.)

    ["The Corporation of Rye was required to furnish lists of fishing boats going to Yarmouth each year for the herring season; these were transmitted to the Bailiffs to Yarmouth appointed by the Brotherhood of the Cinque Ports to hold the Free Fair at Yarmouth when the fleet of the Ports brought their catch ashore. The Bailiffs adminstered justice over their men during this periodic migration, and would require to know the names of masters who were responsible for their crews"]

    Draft List of masters and crews going to Yarmouth
    4 September 1582
    Master Men Boies
    Robert Swayne 10 50

    Total of all vessels 27 Men 266 Boies 50

  5. Rye Shipping Records. (N.p.: Sussex Record Society, n.d.)

    Rye Harbour - Shipping Movements
    Mar 23 1585 - Ro. Swaine f(rom) Grand Passage

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