Person:Robert Ring (3)

Robert Ring 1614
m. bef 1650
  1. Robert Ringest 1666 - 1705
  2. John Ring
  3. Jarvis Ring
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Robert Ring
Gender Male
Birth[1] cal 1614
Emigration[1][2] 1638 On the Confidence.
Other[1][2][3] 9 Oct 1640 Admitted freeman of Massachusetts Bay as "Rob't Ringe".
Marriage bef 1650 Based on estimated date of birth of eldest known child.
to Elizabeth Unknown
Death[1] bet 23 Jan 1687/88 and 31 Mar 1691 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States (probably)Between date of will and date of probate
Will[1] 23 Jan 1687/88
Probate[1] 31 Mar 1691
The Confidence (1638)
Part of the Great Migration. Passengers included John Sanders returning from England with the patent for what would become Salisbury, MA.
Sailed: 24 April 1638 from Southampton, England under Master John Jobson
Arrived: Jun 1638 at Boston, Massachusetts.

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    §In it he gave property to 'Will Cottle, son to Sarah, now wife of John Hale of Nb., and Joanna, dau. to said Sarah;' also to Rev. Thomas Wells and his son Titus; in addition to his children and grandchildren, named as such."

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