Person:Robert Phippen (4)

Robert George Phippen
m. 1882
  1. Edith Somers Phippen1883 - 1905
  • HRobert George Phippen1859 - 1892
  • WMary Rice1860 - 1926
m. 1889
  1. Marguerite Jeanne Phippen1891 - 1891
Facts and Events
Name Robert George Phippen
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1859 Pilton, Somerset, England
Census[2] 7 Apr 1861 Pilton, Somerset, EnglandBeard Hill, Pateswell House
Census[3] 2 Apr 1871 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, EnglandHigh Street
Census[4] 3 Apr 1881 Patcham, Sussex, EnglandMoulsecombe Lodge
Marriage 1882 Sussex, Englandto Clara Edith Holland
Marriage 1889 Kent, Englandto Mary Rice
Census[5] 5 Apr 1891 Hadlow, Kent, EnglandNorth Frith
Death[6] 1892 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England

Robert George Phippen was born in 1859 at Pilton in Somerset, son of a farmer named Thomas Phippen and his wife Mary Ann. The 1861 census finds the family living at Beard Hill in Pilton. By 1871 the family had moved into the nearby town of Shepton Mallet, where Robert's father became a coal merchant.

Robert had left home by 1881 and was working as a groom at Moulsecombe Lodge in Patcham, Sussex. The following year he was married in Sussex to Clara Edith Holland. They then moved to Edenbridge in Kent, where they had a daughter, Edith Somers Phippen, in 1883. By 1888 the family was living in the Croydon area, when Robert's wife Clara died, aged just 28.

The following year Robert remarried. His second wife was Mary Rice. The 1891 census finds Robert and Mary, Robert's daughter Edith and a newborn daughter who had yet to be named living at North Frith in Hadlow, Kent. They named the baby Marguerite Jeanne, but sadly she died later that year.

Robert died the following year, aged only 33, back in the Shepton Mallet area where he was from. Mary survived him by 34 years but never remarried. Robert's daughter Edith died as a young woman of 21 in 1905.

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    Barnard Wm Fry, son, male, 5 [1875/6], Scholar, b. Brighton, Sussex
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    Robert George Phippen, lodger, unmarried, male, 22 [1858/9], Groom, b. Shepton Mallet, Somerset

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    5 or more rooms occupied
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    Mary Phippin, wife, married, female, 30 [1860/1], b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire, Scotland
    Edith S. Phippin, daughter, female, 7 [1883/4], b. Edenbridge, Kent
    New Born Child Phippin, daughter, female, 5 days [1891], b. Hadlow, Kent
    Eliza Caddel, visitor, married, female, 46 [1854/5], Midwife, b. Elstead, Sussex

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