Person:Robert Henry (28)

Robert Henry
b.abt. 1675 Scotland
m. bef. 1700
  1. John Henry1700 - 1747
  2. James Henryabt 1705 - 1734
  3. Robert Henryabt 1710 - bef 1759
Facts and Events
Name Robert Henry
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1675 Scotland
Marriage bef. 1700 Scotlandto Mary Ann Durke
Death? 1735 West Caln, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Information on Robert Henry

From "The Life of Willim Henry": (Note: based upon the estimated ages of Robert Henry's sons, they would not all had yet reached adulthood by 1722)

"Robert and Mary Ann Henry, who were of Scotch ancestry, sailed for America, via Coleraine, Ireland, with their three adult sons, John, Robert and James in the year 1722, arriving the same year at New Castle, Delaware, whence, after a brief stop, they proceeded to their plantation in West Caln Township, in the charming environment of Chester Co., Province of Pennsylvania. Here both parents died on the same day in 1735, the husband in the morning and the wife in the afternoon, and both were buried in the same grave at Boyd's Presbyterian Meeting House. Of the sons, James married Mary Ann, and Robert married Sarah Davis, sisters, who with their eight children removed to Virginia." Robert and Mary Ann Henry are "buried in the same grave at Boyd's Presbyterian Meeting House".

2. Robert2 Henry (John1) was born 1675 in Scotland5,5, and died 1735 in Chester County, West Caln Township, Pennsylvania. He married Mary Ann Durke Bef. 1700 in Scotland. She was born in Scotland and died 1735 in Chester County, West Caln Township, Pennsylvania.
Notes for Robert Henry:
Came to Pennsylvannia in 1722 from Scotland.
More About Robert Henry and Mary Durke:
Marriage: Bef. 1700, Scotland
Children of Robert Henry and Mary Durke are:
  • + 3 i. John3 Henry, born 1700 in Scotland; died Aug 1747 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
  • 4 ii. James Henry, born 1705 in Scotland; died 1734 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married Mary Ann Davis; born 14.
  • 5 iii. Robert Henry, born 1710 in Northern Ireland; died 1755 in Augusta County, Virginia.