Person:Robert Bell (9)

Robert Bell
b.10 May 1753 Sussex Co, New Jersey
m. 1740
  1. Isaac BellAbt 1736 -
  2. Jesse BellAbt 1737 - 1791
  3. Sarah BellAbt 1738 - 1819
  4. Ephraim BellAbt 1740 -
  5. James Bell1741 - 1779
  6. Zephaniah Bell1743 - Abt 1813
  7. Peter Bell1745 - 1835
  8. Benjamin Bell1747 - 1820
  9. Mary Bell1748 - 1834
  10. Henry Bell1750 - 1783
  11. John Bell1752 -
  12. George Bell1753 - 1791
  13. Robert Bell1753 - 1837
  14. George Bell1754 - 1791
m. Abt 1775
  1. Sarah Bell1778 - 1820
  • HRobert Bell1753 - 1837
  • WMary Yost1753 - 1826
m. Abt 1780
  1. Sarah Bell1777 - 1820
  2. Catherine Bell1780 - Bef 1830
  3. John Bell1781 - 1867
  4. Jabaz Jabesh Bell1783 - 1851
  5. Robert Bell1785 - 1861
  6. Zephaniah Bell1790 - 1876
  7. Elizabeth Bell1792 - 1847
Facts and Events
Name[1] Robert Bell
Gender Male
Birth? 10 May 1753 Sussex Co, New Jersey
Marriage Abt 1775 New Jerseyto Hannah Boggs
Marriage Abt 1780 New Jerseyto Mary Yost
Residence? 1816 Bought land in Ohio, layed out a town and called it Bellville which stands today,m 2016.
Alt Death? 12 Apr 1837 Jefferson twp, Richland Co., Ohio
Death[1] 22 Apr 1837 Bellville, Richland Co., OH
Burial[1] Bellville Cem., Richland Co., OH
Alt Burial? Bellville Cemetery,Bellville,Richland,Ohio

[Bell I.FTW]

SOURCE: Roger Cramer, Ft. Wayne, IN, 17 Sep 1995. Michael Alexander , Ft. Wayne, IN, FGS dated 1 Feb 1998.

!Will probated 28 Mar 1837, Richland Co., OH (AR II, p. 293-294; 19 J an 1826 - 28 May 1827. Will names sons: John, Robert, Zephaniah; daug hters named: Catharine Pyaett, Elizabeth Yearin and heirs of decease d daughter, wife of Josiah Philips. Also AR 4, p. 1, p. 382 and AR 12 , p. 454.

!Cemetary Records Bellville Cem., Richland Co., OH, lists a MARY, wif e of Robert, d. 16 Jan 1826, ae. 72-8-6. WAS WIFE'S NAME "MARY" INSTEA D OF "NANCY" OR WAS THERE A SECOND MARRIAGE? Robert's stone is in ba d condition (weathered & broken) is to the right of Mary's stone. In scription on the stone reads "In Memory of Robert Bell, died April 22 , 1837, in the 81st year of his life." Attempted to photograph the h eadstone. Michael Alexander gives death date of 2 April 1837.

!NOTES: HISTORY OF BELMONT AND JEFFERSON COUNTIES, 1880. J. A. Caldw ell, p. 174. "The first deed appearing on the records of Belmont County is f rom Henry Lingo and Rebecca his wife, to Robert Bell, dated October 1 st, 1800. In consideration of $500 paid by said Bell a deed of 100 a cres of land is given him, being part of lot No. 24, in the sixth tow nship, of the third range of townships, surveyed pursuant to an ordin ance of Congress passed on the 20th day of March 1783."

Also on p. 55 "20 May 1765, Journal of Colonel George Croghan, expedi tion to explore the counties adjacent to the Ohio River and conciliat e the Indian Nations, a Robert Bell was a member of the party." Als o on p. 527 - "In the fall of 1770 George Washington made a tour downthe Ohio, fo r the purpose of viewing lands to be apportioned among the officers and sol diers who had served in the French and Indian War. He was accompanie d by Dr. Craike, Capt. William Crawford, Joseph Nicholson, Robert Bel l......" Washington kept a journal of the tour.

    HISTORY OF RICHLAND COUNTY, OHIO, pp. 798-799, Jefferson Twp.  " In 1781 he resided in Sussex Co., NJ, in 1796 moved to Belmont Co., O H...."  See file History.Bel.

Robert and Mary Bell moved to Peters Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania around 1795. Robert was enumerated in the 1800 census in that county.

In the fall of 1800 Robert moved his family to Belmont County, Ohio where he bought 100 acres of land for the sum of $500.00. Robert bought the land from Henry and Rebecca Lingo.

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Bellville, Ohio source: Mansfield News: 16 May 1903; 23 May 1903 and 06 June 1903 Submitted by Jean and Faye


By A. J. Baughman CHAPTER XXIV

The second settlement within the present limits of Richland county was made by James McCluer in 1808, where Bellville now stands. He came in the autumn of that year, entered land and was later joined by Samuel and Thomas McCluer and Jonathan Oldfield. After building a cabin, James McCluer returned to his family in Pickaway county for the winter, leaving the others to keep bachelor’s hall in the cabin on the Clearfork in the wilderness. In the spring of 1809, James McCluer brought his family with him to the new home, and this date is generally given as the time the first settlement there was made.

Although James McCluer was the first settler where Bellville now stands and the locality was called the McCluer settlement, the town of Bellville was founded by Robert Bell, for whom it was names.

Upon the organization of the county in 1813 James McCluer was appointed an associate judge of the court of common pleas. Under the first constitution of Ohio, there was a judge of the court of common pleas and two associate judges. The presiding judge was a lawyer and the associates were to be taken from the people, and were called “lay members.” Of this latter class was Judge McCluer and upon his appointment he sold his land at the “McCluer Settlement” to Robert Bell, who came from New Jersey, in 1816. Mr. Bell proceeded to lay out a town and called it Bellville.

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