Person:William Wright (34)

William Wright
  1. John Wright, Esq1569 - 1640
  2. Samuel Wright1570 - 1606
  3. Jane Wrightest 1575 -
  4. Nathaniel Wright1581 -
  5. William Wrightest 1585 - 1633
m. abt 1620
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] William Wright
Alt Name[2] Will Wright
Gender Male
Birth? est 1585 South Weald, Essex, England
Marriage abt 1620 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlandsto Priscilla Carpenter
Emigration[2][3] 1621 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesOn board the ship, "Fortune"
Death? 1633
Ancestral File Number CQ2H-2H
Ancestral File Number 1P7B-KQ2
  1. Wright, Curtis. Genealogical and Biographical Notices of Descendants of Sir John Wright of Kelvedon Hall, Essex England, in America, Thomas Wright of Wethersfield, Conn., Samuel Wright, of Northampton, Mass., 1610-1670, 1614-1665. (Carthage, Mo.: The Author, 1915), page 65.
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    Page 335-336: "Pricilla Carpenter married William Wright, who had arrived in Plymouth on the 'Fortune' in 1621. We know very little about 'Will' Wright. He was educated enough to sign his will and his inventory included '17 other small books,' in addition to 2 Bibles, a Psalter and a theological work. The tools that were listed indicate that he may have been a skilled woodworker. Pricilla and Will seem to have had an exceptionally happy marriage. In his will, written immediately before his death in 1633, Will Wright thanked God, who 'of his great mercy & goodness has made me partaker of that great favor afforded to man in the beginning - I mean, in calling me to the estate of marriage & has given me a faithful & loving wife who has lived with me to this present time to our mutual joy & comfort.' In a strong acknowledgement of the enduring relationship among the husbands of the Carpenter girls, Will Wright gave to William Brewster, 'that cloth suit of apparel which were given me by my brother Fuller [Samuel Fuller, once married to Agnes Carpenter, sister of Will Wright's wife Prescilla]' as well as asking 'my trusty & beloved friend & brother Will Bradford [married to Alice Carpenter, another sister of Will Wright's wife Priscilla], Gentleman, to be the supervisor of this my will & Testament.' The inventory of William Wright's estate was taken by Manasseh Kempton, yet another 'brother' by virtue of his marriage to Julianna Carpenter, sister of Will Wright's wife Priscilla and by John Faunce, who would the following year marry Juliann's daughter Patience."

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    "Wright, William, came in the Fortune in 1621; settled at Plymouth; had lands assigned in 1623; freeman 1633. Samuel Fuller, in his will, calls him brother.
    "Will, September 16, 1633; its prelude is a pretty full creed; bequeaths all to wife Priscilla except a ewe lamb to Plymouth church and certain articles to friend elder Brewster; refers to friend and brother William Bradford, gentleman. [Register. IV, 35.]