Person:Richard Duckett (2)

Richard Duckett, , Senior
b.Abt 1673 London, England
  • HRichard Duckett, , SeniorAbt 1673 - Abt 1733
  • WCharity JacobAbt 1682 - 1741
m. 16 Jan 1699
  1. Mary Duckett1699 - Abt 1743
  2. Elizabeth Duckett1700 -
  3. Charity Duckett1703 -
  4. Richard Duckett, Jr.1704/05 - Bef 1788
  5. John Duckett1706 -
  6. Anne Duckett1711 -
  7. Suzanna Duckett1712 -
  8. Jacob Duckett, , Senior1714 - 1764
  9. Rachel Duckett1716 -
  10. Martha Duckett1716 -
  11. Sarah Duckett1718 -
Facts and Events
Name Richard Duckett, , Senior
Alt Name Richard Duckett
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1673 London, England
Alt Birth? 1675 London, England
Marriage 16 Jan 1699 All Hallow's Church, South River, Anne Arundel County, Marylandto Charity Jacob
Alt Marriage 26 JAN 1699 All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland, USAto Charity Jacob
Death? Abt 1733 Prince George's County, Maryland

RICHARD DUCKETT, SENIOR was born about 1673 in London, England.

Richard immigrated to America from England in 1692. He came to America as an indentured servant and was consigned to Major Henry Ridgely for four years as a "bookkeeper." There is no record in the Maryland Land Office which shows the transportation into Maryland of Richard Duckett or anyone else of the surname.

Richard married CHARITY JACOB, the daughter of JOHN JACOB and ANNE CHENEY, on January 16, 1698/1699 in All Hallow's Church, South River, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Richard and Charity continued to live in Anne Arundel County, until 1708 or 1709, and their first five children were born there. Richard served as Parish Clerk, not only here, but also for twenty four years in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's County, and the fact that we still have extant records of his very legible handwriting, show us that he was a man of some education.

In 1708 Richard purchased 100 acres of land in Prince George's County, from Robert Tyler, and soon thereafter, moved his family to their new home. So far we've been able to discover, he never owned another acre, and in fact, lost his land (and virtually everything else he owned), in 1727, to the Rev. Jacob Henderson, in a mortgage sacrifice. If times had been hard for Richard and his family before, they surely were desperately hard for the remaining years of his life, and even more difficult for his widow and younger children, after that. However, from the humble origins of the Duckett, Jacob and Cheney families, eventually came distinguished citizens not only of Maryland, but of states across the land.

Following are abstracts of the few records concerning Richard and Charity.

1673 Richard Duckett was born in this year, according to his own depositions.

January 26, 1698/1699 Richard Duckitt married Charity Jacob "ye Dafter of John & Ann: Jacob his wife", this date, in All Hallow's P. E. Church, South River Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. [All Hallow's Parish Register, Page 11.]

June 9, 1703 "Mary daughter of Elizabeth Temple bound by the Court to Richard Duckett to Serve him till She attains the age of Sixteen years, being by this Court adjudged to be eight years of age the Said Duckett to teach her to read and [write?] and all so [blank] her according to the customs of Ann Al County." [Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Judgements,1702 - 1704, Liber G. f. 113.]

April 30, 1705 Richard Duckett was left "one good hogg", in the will made this date (but not probated until July 13, 1710), by Colonel Henry Ridgely, and to which will Richard was a witness. [Prince George County, Wills, Liber 13, ff. 89 - 94.]

July 8, 1708 "THIS INDENTURE made the Eighth day of July in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand Seaven hundred & Eight and in the sixth yeare of the reigne of our Soveraigne Lady ANN ... BETWEEN Robert Tyler of prince Georges County in the Province of Maryland Gent. of the onepart and Richard Duckett of the County of Ann Arundel in the sd province, Clke. of the other part .... in consideracon of the Sume of Forty pounds... HATH Given granted bargained Sold alined enfofed & Confirmed ... unto the sd Richard Duckett ... ALL that plantacon ... or tract of Land Called Ducketts hope being pt of a tract of Land called Tylers discovery Scituate Lying & being in Prince Georges County aforesd Betwixt a tract of Land called Enfield Chase and the Cattaile Meadows BEGINNING at abounded white oake standing in the Line of ... Cattaile Meadows belonging to Robert Anderson alsoe in the North E by West Line of Enfield Chaselate in %[?] by John Llwelling ... to a bounded Spanish Oake of Mathw. Mackaboys ... containing one hundred acres of Land together with all trees & timber trees woods & underwoods houses dwelling houses out houses Tobacco houses orchards gardens fences and other appurtenances ..." /s/Robert Tyler. Susanna, wife of Robert Tyler released her dower. Wit: John Gerrand, Thomas Clegett. [Prince George's County Deeds, Liber C, ff.222 - 224.]

December 6, 1709 "The Vestry met where was present Mr. Robt. Tyler Mr. Jon Pottinger Mr. Jon Gerrard Mr. Wm. Ray ... At the same Time ye vestry made Choice of Richard Duckett as Clark who took ye Oathes according to act of Assembly & signed the Test." [Queen Anne's Parish Vestry Minutes - and Accounts.] (NOTE: Richard served in this capacity of parish Clerk until his death in the autumn of 1733.)

March 4, 1726/1727 Richard Duckett, unable to pay a long standing debt of bill, to Rev. Jacob Henderson, forfeited "Duckett's Hope" - "as allso all singular and personal Estate ... of whatever nature, kind or quality whatsoever ... cows, calves, sheep, bedding, pewter ... or other goods or chattels."

March 4, 1726/1727 "At the request of Jacob Henderson the following deed was Enrolled March the twenty eighth day Anno Dm Seventeen hundred &twenty seven

"TO ALL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE to whom these presents shall come greeting Whereas Richard Duckett of prince George's County in the province of Maryland planter & Charity his wife in consideration of one hundred & eleven pounds Sterling money of great britain which they were indebted to Jacob Henderson of the said County & province Clk did by their deed of Mortgage bearing date the twelfth day of Aprill one thousand seven hundred & fourteen sell alien enfeofe & confirm unto the said Jacob ...forever all that plantation piece parcel or tract of Land called Ducket's hope being part of a tract of land called Tyler's discovery in the County aforesaid ... as also all & singlular the personal Estate of them the said Richard & Charity of what nature kind or quality whatsoever as Cow's Calve's Hogg's Horses Sheep bedding pewter brass Iron or other good schattles or implements of Household stuff whatsoever which can or may becalled the estate of them the said Richard Ducket or Charity his wife... NOW KNOW YEE that in consideration of the promises & that the said Jacob hath long laid out of his said Debt that the said Richard Ducket & Charity his wife hath remised released & forever quit claimed, & by these presents for temselves & their heirs do fully clearly & absolutely remise... all the piece parcel or tract of land & personal estate aforesaid an Inventory of which is hereto annexed ..." /s/ Richard Duckett, Charity Duckett. Wit: Isaac Lansdale, Nathan N W Wells his mark.

"... Annexed to the above said deed the following Schedule vizt. 2 feather bedds & Covering 2 Cattail bedds indifferent covering 4 beddsteds, 1 old flock bedd 1 Large Trunk with drawers 1 Small Trunk 1 Large Chest 3 Tables 1 Desk 2 Iron potts 1 Iron kettle a frying pan a ring maul 4 wedges a Xcut saw a Small looking glass 1 bigger a bell mettle skillett 2 wild Sows out layers & 2 barrows out Lyers 3 Sows at home 19 piggs a Mare & Colt 2 years old a horse calld Kantor a horse called Jack 5 wooden bottom chairs a Cooper's Joyuture a Coopers' ax a froe An adze a Trowell a pr Compasses 2 narrow axes working hoes for the hands I have a Lanthorn 1 box a tim Cullinder 1 doz 9 pewter plates 11 pewter basens 2 old horse Collars an old Cart Sadle a handmill & frous 1 Iron pestle 1 Iron Ladle 2 potracks 2 House bells 1 small brush a Bellmettle pestle & mortar a pr fire Tongs a pr Small Stillyard 1 pr do Large & hooks 1 grindstone 1 handsaw 3 Augars 1 Tin pan I wooden wheele 1 old tnkard 1 Earthen mugg 3 old sifters 1 pr old flesh forks Old Piggens pailes tubbs & old Cask 15 head Cattle [Prince George's County Deeds, Liber M, ff. 140 - 143.]

(NOTE: Over the years, Richard Duckett's name appeared in a number of probate cases in Prince George's County, either as an appraiser of an Estate or as a bondsman. It may very well be that his above indebtedness which eventually resulted in the loss of everything he and his family owned, excepting only the clothes upon their backs, came about as are result of this going the "bond" of some friend or relative. Such things happened with considerably more frequency in early times, than now. The references to these appearance of Richard Duckett's name may be found in the following: Maryland Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 17, f. 312; 18A, f. 10; 18B f. 5; 19A, ff. 76, 99, 103; 19B, ff. 71, 72; 19C, ff. 121,128; 23, ff. 291, 341; 25, ff. 291, 341; 26, f. 95.)

April 30, 1728 "... order'd yt Rd Duckett have an ord on ye Shrff for 1400 lb. tob. being 1000 lb. for his sallary as Clke & 400 for procuring ye survice & table Linnon to be washed." [Queen Anne's Vestry Minute's & Accounts.]

April 7, 1729 "Easter Monday ... order'd that Richard Duckett have anordr on ye Shrff, Mr. Richard Lee for 1400 lb. tobo being for his sallary as Clke and procuring ye surplice and Table Linnen to be washt." [Ibid.]

March 2, 1730/1731 "... The Vestry met Present Mr John Bell Mr.Thomas Harris and Mr. William Renchar and order'd the following depositon and all other evidences depositions to be Recorded that the Revd Mr. George Mordock Could procure in order to prove his ordination Prince Georges county Ss Richard Ducket Senr aged about fifty Eight years or thereabouts, being Sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, on Oath Depose thing That being on a certain Day at the Home of the Revd Mr. Jacob Henderson Saw there Mr George Murdoch who as I understood by discourse between him and the said Henderson, that the said Murdoch had some Order from the Bishop of London For some living as a minister which with further discourse the said Henderson recommended him to the Parish newly taken out of the Revd Mr. John Fraisier Parish adding 'twas a growing Parish, and the Depontseeing some Papers lying aside Table by wch the said Murdoch stood in order as the Depost thinks to put them up the Deponent desired the said Murdoch to let him see the Order form the Bishop which he did, and the deponent reap the same, and 'twas signed at Bottom Edmund London as nearas the Deponent remembers, but that Particular words does not remember and further said not - Rich. Duckett The above Deposition taken by the Subscriber as one of his L'ships Justices for the County aforesaid this5th day of Febry 1730. Ralph Crabb." [Prince George's Parish (Rock Creek), Montgomery County, Maryland, Vestry Minutes, 1719 - 1832, Pages 16, 17.]

April 7, 1731 "Easter Monday - order'd yt Charity Duckett have anordr on Mr Rd Lee Shrff for 400 lb. of tobacco being for ye washing ye surplice & table Linnen for ye Comunion." [Ibid.]

April 1, 1733 "... order'd That Richard Duckett Clk of ye Vestry havean ordr on Mr. Thos Brook for 1000 lb. of tobo being his sallary."[Ibid.]

April 1, 1733 "... also that Charity Duckett have an ardr on ye Shrfffor 400 lb. tobo for her washing the surplice & Table Linnen." [Ibid.]

October 30, 1733 "At a meeting of the Vestry October ye 30th 1733 ...the vestry made Choice of James Beck for their Clerk in Stead of Rich. Duckett Decd." [Ibid.] (NOTE: The last entry in the old Parish Records, n Richard's handwriting was made September 14, 1733, upon the occasion of the birth of a child in the community.)

May 7, 1741 "Ord: thatt Charity Duckett have an order on Mr. Willm Murdoch for four Pounds Currt money for Washing the Surplice & Table Linnen one year." [Ibid.] (NOTE: This is the last mention of Charity Duckett among the church records. The next payment for the laundering of the church linens, was made to her daughter, Mary Wells, on April 29, 1742.)