Person:Renald Foster (1)

Renald Foster
b.Est 1594
  • HRenald FosterEst 1594 - Bet 1680 & 1681
  • WJudith WignolEst 1599 - 1664
m. 28 Sep 1619
  1. Sarah Foster1620 - Aft 1681
  2. Abraham FosterEst 1622 - 1710/11
  3. Mary FosterEst 1624 - 1705
  4. Renald FosterEst 1628 - Bef 1708
  5. Isaac FosterCal 1630 - 1691/92
  6. William Foster1633 - 1713
  7. Deacon Jacob FosterAbt 1635 - 1710
  • HRenald FosterEst 1594 - Bet 1680 & 1681
  • WSarah _____Bef 1622 - 1682/83
m. Sep 1665
Facts and Events
Name[1] Renald Foster
Alt Name[2] Renold Foster
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1594 Estimate based on date of marriage.
Marriage 28 Sep 1619 Theydon Garnon, Essex, Englandto Judith Wignol
Marriage Sep 1665 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Sarah _____
Will[1] 30 Apr 1680
Death[1] Bet 30 Apr 1680 and 30 May 1681 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States (probably)Between date of will and date of inventory.
Estate Inventory[1] 30 May 1681 £744-16-00. Taken by John Whipple and Simon Stace.
Probate[1] 9 Jun 1681 Will proved.

Renald Foster's Probable Ancestry

"While is is highly probable that Renald Foster, after his wedding at Theydon Garnon, took his bride to Harlow and lived there until he emigrated with his wife and children, and that he was the son of the Renald Foster and grandson of the John Foster whose wills are quoted above [pp. 569-570], it is not proven, and the parish register of Harlow for the seventeenth century, which would have provided the positive or negative answer to the problem, is missing."[1]

Renald Foster's Baptismal Name

"When he signed his will our Ipswich ancestor wrote himself Renold. In the eight volumes of Records and Files of the County Courts of Essex County Foster is mentioned forty-eight times. In nineteen instances his name is Renold, in four Reienalld, in three Reienald, in two each Reinold, Reynold and Reinald, and in one each Reienold, Reonall, Reanalld, Rainold and Renall. In two instances each he is Regnald and Reg. and in one Regnell, but, needless to say, gn is commonly sounded as n. This leaves three cases of Reginall, two of Reginald and one of Reignold, and very possibly a re-examination of the manuscript record would eliminate the i in each of these readings. [For further comment on the name Reginald see The American Genealogist, XVIII:13; the new Complete Peerage, III; Appendix C.]"[1]

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