Person:Rebecca Unknown (462)

Rebecca Unknown
b.Bef. 1708
m. Bef. 1722
  1. Rebecca BuchananEst 1722 - Bef 1754
  2. Mary Ann BuchananBef 1725 -
  3. James BuchananEst 1725-1735 -
  4. Hannah BuchananEst 1725-1740 -
  5. Ruth BuchananEst 1725-1740 -
Facts and Events
Name Rebecca Unknown
Gender Female
Birth? Bef. 1708
Marriage Bef. 1722 to William Buchanan

Records of Rebecca (Unknown) Buchanan in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 281.--No date. New Kent--Thos. Wadle, Dr., to James Renalds; Mathew Young, Dr., to James Renalds; Charles Hays, Dr., to James Renalds, 1 doubloon, 2 maydores, 1 pistole, 2 pieces of silver; Robert Armstrong, Dr., one bufelow, £3, £12. James Rannald's will (Renalds)-- Wife and children; two eldest sons. Teste: Charles McAnally, Rebeckah Buchanan. Executors, John Hays and James Thompson. Proved, 30th November, 1750, by Rebeckah Buchanan, and Charles to be summoned.
  • Page 172.--25th January, 1762. William Buchanan's will - Planter. To wife, Rebecka; to son, James; to daughters, Merian, Ruth, Rebeckah, Hannah. Executors, son, James and Andrew Hays. Teste: Alex. Miller, James McCampbell, Jno. McCoskey. Proved, 18th August, 1762, by McCampbell and McCoskey. James Buchanan refuses to execute. Andrew Hays qualifies, with Nathaniel Evans, John Hunter.
  • Page 173.--16th May, 1781. Recorded. John Berry's estate settlement -- Paid Margret Kirkpatrick, Samuel Neizbitt, Elizabeth Henry. Debts and legacies paid by the executor--To David McCrea for funeral liquor, £1.7.0, Anthony Kelly for a coffin, Margret Rutherford, Capt. John Gilmore, Wm. Berry, James Berry, Rebecca Buchanan, Robt. Fearis, Alex. McIlroy, George and Charles Berry. Robt. Kilpatrick, Rebecca Kelly, Mary Johnson, Elizabeth Bell, Andrew McCampbell for Jno. Berry, Jr., Francis and Elizabeth Berry, Mary Neizbitt, John Berry Shoemaker, Rebecca Gillaspy. (Note: this may be referring to another Rebecca Buchanan).