Person:Ray Wardwell (2)

Ray Hyman Wardwell
d.21 APR 1935 Boston, Suffolk, MA
m. 4 Oct 1927
  1. Ray Hyman Wardwell1928 - 1935
  2. Roy Ernest Wardwell1930 - 1985
Facts and Events
Name Ray Hyman Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 5 JUN 1928 Prosper, Windsor, VT
Death[2] 21 APR 1935 Boston, Suffolk, MA
Burial? Prosper Cemetery, Prosper, VT

"Little Ray Wardwell, six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wardwell, was taken sick last week and the trouble has been diagnosed as a brain tumor. He is to be taken to Boston for an operation some time this week. We hope it will be successful and that Ray will be well again." -Vermont Standard, April 4, 1935

"Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wardwell expect to go to Boston, Wednesday to take their 6-year-old son, Ray, to a hospital where he will undergo an operation for a tumor on his brain." -Vermont Standard, April 11, 1935

"Little Ray Wardwell, 6-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wardwell died Sunday morning in the Boston City Hospital. He had been there for an operation on his brain. We extend our deepest sympathy to his parents and other relatives and to his little brother, who is going to greatly miss his playmate." -Vermont Standard, April 25, 1935

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