Person:Régnier II de Hainaut (1)

Régnier II de Hainaut
b.Est 895
d.Bet 932 and 940
m. Est 890
  1. Giselbert von LothringenEst 890 - 939
  2. Symphoria de HainautEst 892 -
  3. Régnier II de HainautEst 895 - Bet 932 & 940
  • HRégnier II de HainautEst 895 - Bet 932 & 940
m. Est 920
  1. Régnier III de Hainaut920 -
  2. Rudolph _____, Count von Haspengau922 - Aft 966
  3. Amauri De Hainault940 - 973
Facts and Events
Name[3] Régnier II de Hainaut
Alt Name Reinier II van Henegouwen, Graaf van Henegouwen
Alt Name[2] Reginar II of Hainaut, Count of Hainaut
Gender Male
Alt Birth[3] Abt 890
Birth[5] Est 895 House of Reginar
Marriage Est 920 to Unknown
Death[3][4] Bet 932 and 940
Reference Number? Q735666?
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    Reginar (or Rainier) II (890–932) was Lotharingian magnate who was active from approximately 915 to 932. He was brother of Duke Gilbert of Lotharingia, who died at the Battle of Andernach in 939, and because his son and grandson claimed it, he probably already personally held the fort of Mons in Hainaut as the seat of a county.

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    Régnier II, né vers 890, mort avant 940 et probablement vers 932, fut comte de Hainaut de 925 à sa mort. Il était fils de Régnier Ier de Hainaut, comte de Hainaut et marquis en Lotharingie, et d'Albérade.

  4. Régnier II, born around 890, died before 940, probably ca. 932], was Count de Hainaut from 925 until his death. He was the son of Régnier Ier de Hainaut, comte de Hainaut and marquis of Lotharingie, et Albérade.

    His father was comte of Hainaut but was stripped of the title, after which Lotharingia belonged to the King of Western France. Only in 925, when Henry the Fowler annexed Lotharingia did Régnier finally become comte de Hainaut. His elder brother Gislebert, comte du Maasgau became shortly thereafter Duke of Lotharingia.

    His children were taken hostage in 924 by Gislebert, when the two brothers had a falling out for an unknown reason. Régnier, assisted by his ally Bérenger, comte de Namur, attacked Gislebert in order to free the childred. Hainaut suffered much devastation during the ensuing war.

    == Marriage and children ==

    The identity of his wife is hot known. Some historians have proposed a daughter of Wigéric de Bidgau, using as a clue the fact that the marriage between Régnier V de Hainaut and Mathilde de Verdun was almost prevented because of the close parentage of the bride and groom. This hypothesis is no more being favored .

    Another hypothesis has been put forward. A document presents her as daughter of a Count Boson. Some historians identify him as the brother of Raoul (or Rodolphe), Duke of Burgundy and King of France, with the explanation that the surname Rodolphe is common among the children of Régnier, however this idea has been dismissed by historiens as well.

    Régnier II had the following children :
    * Régnier III de Hainaut, died after 958, comte de Hainaut
    * Rodolphe, comte of Maasgau and Haspengau
    * Liéthard
    * a daughter married to Nevelong († 953), comte en Betuwe
  5. Birth year estimated as later than his brother Giselbert's, and also based on estimated birth year of his son Reginar.