Person:Ptolemy Auletes (2)

Ptolemy XII Auletes _____
b.117 BC
d.51 BC
  1. Ptolemy XII Auletes _____117 - 51
  1. Ptolemy XIV of EgyptBet 60 & 59 - 44
  2. Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator _____Bet 62 & 61 - 47
  3. Arsinoe IV of EgyptAbt 68 - 41
  4. _____ CleopatraAbt 69 - 30
  5. Berenice IV of Egypt77 - 55
  6. Cleopatra VI of EgyptAbt 90 - Abt 50
Facts and Events
Name Ptolemy XII Auletes _____
Gender Male
Marriage to Cleopatra V Tryphaeana
Death[1] 51 BC
Birth[1] 117 BC
Reference Number? Q39991?

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Ptolemy Neos Dionysos Theos Philopator Theos Philadelphos (Ptolemaios Néos Diónysos Theós Philopátōr Theós Philádelphos "Ptolemy New Dionysus, God Beloved of his Father, God Beloved of his Brother"; uncertain–before 22 March 51 BC) was a pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Ancient Egypt. He was commonly known as Auletes (Aulētḗs "the Flutist"), referring to the king's love of playing the flute in Dionysian festivals.

He ruled from 80 to 58 BC and again from 55 to 51 BC, with an interregnum of forced exile to Rome as his eldest daughter Berenice IV claimed the Ptolemaic throne. With the funding and military assistance of the Roman Republic, which officially viewed Ptolemy XII as one of its client rulers, he was able to recapture Ptolemaic Egypt and have his rival daughter Berenice IV killed. On his death he was succeeded by his daughter Cleopatra VII and son Ptolemy XIII as joint rulers, as stipulated in his will and testament.

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