Person:Philip Miller (3)

Philip Jacob Miller
b.1726 Germany
m. 4 Jan 1713/14
  1. John Peter Miller1715 - 1794
  2. Jeremiah Miller1717 - 1781
  3. David Miller1719 - 1785
  4. Hans Michael Miller1720 - 1784
  5. Geo Miller1722 - 1798
  6. Lodovich (Ludvig) Miller1725 - 1792
  7. Philip Jacob Miller1726 - 1799
  8. Michael Miller1728 - 1792
  9. Barbara Miller1733 - 1808
  10. Jacob Miller1735 - 1815
Facts and Events
Name Philip Jacob Miller
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1726 Germany
Marriage to Magdalene _____
Death[1] 1799 Campbell County, Kentucky
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    Philip Jacob Miller was born about 1726 in Germany to Johann Michael Mueller, spelled Miller here in the US, and Suzanna Agnes Berchtol (Bechtol, Bechtel) and was an infant or child when arriving in the colonies in 1727.

    We don’t know exactly when Philip Jacob was born, but we do know he was born before his parents immigrated because he was naturalized in 1767, and had he been born after immigration, he would not have needed to be naturalized. We also know that his parents were married in 1714 in Krotelback (Crottelbach), Germany, with their first child being baptized in the same church in 1715, so by process of elimination, Philip was born sometime between 1716 and 1727.

    Philipp Jacob is a bit unusual, because parts of his life are virtually unknown, but others are well documented. His early life we can only infer because of what little we know of his parents. His life after marriage and moving to Frederick County, Maryland is fairly well documented, comparatively speaking, but his final years in Campbell County, KY are a bit fuzzy. He sort of drifts into and out of focus.

    Philipp Jacob Miller was also somewhat unusual in another way too – in that he never seemed, with only a couple possible exceptions, to use solely his middle name, always using both his first and middle names. Typically German men were called by and known by their middle name alone – for example Johann Michael Miller was Michael Miller. That was unless their name was Johannes Miller, with no middle name, and then they would just have been called Johannes, or John. Normally, Philipp Jacob Miller would be called Jacob, but Philipp Jacob wasn’t called Jacob – although when we see a Jacob I always have to wonder. We can simply say that Philipp Jacob wasn’t your typical Brethren man and that would probably sum things up pretty nicely. He seemed quite religiously faithful, except for these “tidbits” that creep up here and there – just enough to hint otherwise and make you really scratch your head and look confused.