Person:Phillip Cromwell (1)

Captain Phillip Cromwell
m. Bef 1648
  1. Captain Phillip Cromwell1634 - 1708
  2. Argentine CromwellAbt 1637 - Bef 1707/08
m. 1663
  1. Sarah Cromwell1662 -
m. 21 Dec 1671
  1. Sarah Cromwell
  2. Joanna Cromwell1677 -
Facts and Events
Name Captain Phillip Cromwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1634
Marriage 1663 Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, USAto Elizabeth Leighton
Marriage 21 Dec 1671 Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, USAto Elizabeth Tuttle
Death[1] 26 May 1708 Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, USA
  1. 1.0 1.1 Noyes, Sybil; Charles Thornton Libby; and Walter Goodwin Davis. Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire. (Portland, Maine: Southworth Press, 1928-1939).

    CAPT. PHILIP [Cromwell son of Giles Cromwell] aged 32 years in 1666, ship carpenter, taxed in Dover from 1657. The dep. making him b. about 1612 must have strayed from Mr. Philip, the Salem slaughterer; he dep. in 1666, Apr. 4, ag. 36, had kept 6 oxen logging around Quamscot in 1660. Jury 1662; gr.j. 1692. Selectm. 1670, ‘71, ‘77. Commissioned Captain 1683. Lists 352, 353, 356abcefhk, 357be, 359ab, 14, 49, 52, 55a, 62, 96. He m. by 1663 John Tuttle’s eldest dau. and by 20 Sep. 1671 Elizabeth Leighton. Will 19, d. 26, May 1708, names w. Elizabeth and ch: Alice, Elizabeth, Sarah, said to have m. Timothy Wentworth, but poss.(?) mar. John Leighton. Sarah Wentworth by age in 1754 was b. ab. 1668. Joshua, town grant 1693. In 1709, of Dover, he sold the marsh willed by his grf. to Philip’s oldest son. List 358d. D. bef. 1752. Wife Lydia liv. 1743. 7 or 8 ch., incl. Joshua of Arundel, Falm. and Harps, who m. 1st Elizabeth Larrabee, 2d Grace (Hodgkins) Tarr, grdau. of Haselelpony (Willix) Gee-Wood. Mercy, m. 14 Mar. 1706-7 Hatevil Hall. Ann, b. 19 Aug. 1674. Samuel, List 358d, m. 1st by 1710 one Elizabeth, 2d one Rachel. 2 ch. rec. Joanna, m. bef. 1700 Morris Hobbs.

  2.   Philip Cromwell 1708 Dover, in Hammond, Otis G. (Otis Grant); Henry Harrison Metcalf; and Albert Stillman Batchellor. Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire. (New Hampshire: varies, 1907-1915), 1:624-625.

    Philip Cromwell 1708 Dover
    In the Name and feear of God A Men
    I Phillip Cromwell of the Towne of dover in the Province of new hampshier being Aged and weak in boddy * * *
    Itt I doo will and bequeath unto Elizabeth my beloved wife the Use benefet and yearly Proffett or Clear Incom of all my Improved Lands houses barnes orchards and gardens situate Lyeing and being on dover neck for and duering her widdow hood but if shee see Cause and doo marry again then my will is that shee shall have but one third Part of the yearly Incum of those Lands above mentioned, secondly I doo will give and bequeath unt my ffore sd wife the bed whereon we Lye to geather with one third part of all my moveable Estate within dores and without dores and to be at her dipose for Ever
    Itt I doo will bequeath and give to my son Joshua Cromwell all that my dwelling house barne orchard and Land Lyeing and between Thomas whitehouses and abraham Nuts on the west side of dover neck to be had and held by him his Executors or assigns for Ever he or they yeldin g and pay ther fore unto his mother the yearly profet or Clear Incum there of duering her widdowhood after my deceas -- I doo farther give and bequeath to my affore sd son Joshua Cromwell Tenn acres of Land Lyeing between Little John Creek and John Tuttles Land --
    Itt I doo will and bequeath unto son samuel Cromwell all that or parcell of Land Lyeing and being between william harfords Land and a lane formerly Called Nutters Lane on the north side of the meeting house on dover neck he yealding and paying ther for unto his mother the yearly proffet or Clear Incom there of duering her widdowhood affter my deceas and allso I doo further give and bequeath unto my affore sd samll Cromwell forty Acres of Land at the head of fresh Creek to geather withe privilidges and apurtinances there unto belonging Exceptting and Reserving unto the sd mill two Acres of the above sd Land for accomadations ther unto I doo further give and bequeath unto my said son samuell Cromwell Tenn acres of Land which I bought of the Towne next to Thos beards as by the Towne Record doth appear all which given and granted premises shall be had and held by him his heires and assignes for Ever from and Imediatly after my deceas--
    Itt I doo will bequeath and give daughter Joanna hobs her heires and asigns one quarter Part of my saw mill at fresh Creek with the priviledges and apurtinances there unto belongin to be had and held by her heires Executors or assigns from and Imediatly after my deceas--
    Itt I doo will give and bequeath unto other five daughter viz Alce Elizabeth sarah marcy and Ann thirty five pounds in good species by Even and Equall Proportions to be paid by my Executor here in and After mentioned within one year and one day next After my deceas --
    Lastly I doo by these Presents nominate or dain and appoynt my well beloved son samuell Cro[m]well by Lawfull heir and sole Executor in trust to see this my will Performed here by Abrogateing Ad nulling and makeing Void all former and other will or wills testament or testaments hertofore by me made Ratifying and holding fearme and stable this and this only to be my Last will and Testament Erevokeable as witnes my hand seall this nineteen day may in the year of our Lord god 1708
    signed sealled and published in Presnets of Phillip Cromell [seal]
    Jno Tuttle senr
    Job Clements
    Timothy Carll
    Proved April 5,1709

  3.   Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862), 1:476.

    "PHILIP, Dover 1657-74, m. Elizabeth d. of Thomas Laighton, had Ann, b. 19 Aug. 1674; and was, prob. too old to have more, call. 74 in 1686. By former w. or ws. he, perhaps, had eno. ch. of wh. Sarah that m. Timothy Wentworth may have been one."