Person:Peter MacDougall (1)

Peter MacDougall
Facts and Events
Name Peter MacDougall
Gender Male
Immigration[1] 1771 Prince Edward Island, Canada
Marriage 1800 Malpeque, Prince Edward Isalnd, Canadato Marrion
Death? 1819 Malpeque, Prince, P. E. I., Canada

MACDOUGAI.L, or MACIHIGAIA, a clan who derive their descent and their name from Dugall, the son of Ranald, the son of the famous Somerled. The name ¡lim Gatt means the dark-complexioned stranger. The chiefs were generally Mtvled Do Ergadia or Lords of Lorn. The clan badge was the cloudberry bush. The Macdongalls are not mentioned in history till 1284. In the list of those who attended the convention of that year we find the name of Alexander de Ergadia. and it is supposed that liis presence was the consequence of his holding his lands by a crown charter. Another form of the name is MACDOWAI.I, used especially by those of the race who possessed lands in Galloway, to which district the Dhu Gailt, or black Gaels, are said to have given its name. At the time that Robert the Brace asserted his claim to the throne of Scotland the chiefs name was Alexander. He had married the third daughter of the Red Comyn, whom Bruce slew in the Dominican church at Dumfries, and in consequence he became the mortal enemy of the king. After his defeat at Methven on 19th June 1306, when Bruce, with only 300 followers, approached the borders of Argyleshire, he was attacked by Macdougall of Lom, at the head of 1,000 men, part of whom were Macnabs, who had joined the party of John Baliol, and after a severe conflict was compelled to abandon the field. This battle was fought at a place called Dalree, and, in his retreat, one of the Macdongalls having come up with the king, seized hold of his plaid, which was fixed across his bresst by a large brooch. In the struggle which ensued the man was killed, but the plaid and brooch were left in his dying grasp. The latter, under the name of " the brooch of Lora." was long preserved by the chief of th« Macdongalls, and after being carried off during the civil war of the 17th century, has l>een restored to the family. In the life of Bruce (rol. i. of this work, pages 17 and 18) will be found other instances of the unrelenting enmity of the Mac- dougalls to the king. To punish the hostile clan, Brace in 1308 proceeded into Argyleshire, but found John of 1???, the son of Alexander, with a band of followers posted at the narrow pass of Crua- chan Ben, between Loch Awe and I-och Ktive. Having sent a party to threaten them in the rear, he furiously attacked them in front, and succeeded in putting them to flight. The chief of the Mucdougalls, who was during the action, on board a small vessel in Loch Etive, took refuge in his castle of Dnnstaffnage. After laying waste the territory of Lum. Bruce laid sieve to the castle, which soon surrendered, and the lord of Lorn swore homage to the king, but Jobn, hia son, refused to submit, and t

  1. Name: Peter MacDougall
    Year: 1771
    Place: Prince Edward Island
    Source Publication Code: 3799.30
    Primary Immigrant: MacDougall, Peter
    Annotation: Date and port of arrival. Other genealogical and historical information are also provided.
    Source Bibliography: KENNEDY, MICHAEL. "Emigrants on the Edinburgh, 1771: A New Passenger List for Prince Edward Island." In The Island Magazine, no. 39 (Spring/Summer 1996), pp. 39-42.
    Page: 41