Person:Per Andersson (8)

m. 28 May 1841
  1. Måns Persson1841 - 1931
  2. Gisel Persson1842 - 1845
  3. Nils Persson1846 -
  4. Gisel Persson1849 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Per Andersson
Gender Male
Birth[2] 20 Nov 1815 Engastugan, Stoby Parish, Hässleholms, Kristianstad, Skåne, Sweden
Occupation[4] 1841 Farm Hand.
Marriage 28 May 1841 Jämshög Parish, Blekinge, Swedento Sissa Giselsdotter
Occupation[5] 1842 Day Laborer
Occupation[6] 1846 Laborer
Occupation[7] 1849 Tenant Farmer
Nationality[3] Swedish

According to the Stoby Parish Birth Records for 1778 - 1894, Per's Godparents were Svenborg Larsdotter and Rasmus Nilsson witnessed by Nils Andersson (perhaps an older brother?) and Brita Persdotter (perhaps a sister to the father, Anders?).

  1. Jämshög Parish Records, Blekinge, Sweden.

    Listed in parish records as a crofter (one who rents and works a very small farm).

  2. Stoby Parish Records, Kristianstad, Skåne
    Stoby Births 1778-1894 Page 147 Year Index 33.

    "Födda 1815-11-20" Born 1815-11-20

  3. Småland, Kronoberg, Sweden Vital Records.
  4. Jämshög Parish Records, Blekinge, Sweden
    Marriage Records 1841.

    Occupation listed as a dräng tilltr. torpare [farm hand to a tenant farmer].

  5. Jämshög Parish Records, Blekinge, Sweden
    Birth Record, 12 Dec 1842, Gisel Persson.

    Occupation listed as Inhysesman (day laborer

  6. Jämshög Parish Records, Blekinge, Sweden
    Birth Record 10 Jan 1846 Nils PERSSON.

    Occupation listed as Husman (common laborer).

  7. Jämshög Parish Records, Blekinge, Sweden
    Birth Record 15 Sep 1849 Gisel PERSSON.

    Occupation listed is as a Torpare (tenant farmer).