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Peggy Taulbee
b.Dec 1893
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Name Peggy Taulbee
Gender Female
Birth? Dec 1893


I find your email very interesting and your knowledge of the cemetaries as well. You say that your grandmother knows everyone buried in the cemetary, even those with no markers. I wonder if your grandmother could help me confirm this.

My great grandmother Maggie (Peggy) Taulbee daughter of John CB Taulbee and Margaret Allen died when my grandfather Bennie Taulbee was 2 years old. Because my grandfather was so young he was not exactly sure where she was buried. We traveled back to KY several years ago and visited the Taulbee Cemetary at Frozen, maybe Negro Branch, I can't remember because it has been awhile and it was confusing trying to find the cemetary which was down a dirt road and I can remember a street sign "Taulbee". A older relative went with us and pointed out the location in the cemetary where she thought Maggie was buried. There was no headstone and it was near the back of the cemetary up a slight hill near the trees.

Several years later, grandpa returned and placed a marker where he believed his mother was laid to rest based on this relatives recollection. I wonder if your grandmother recalls Maggie Taulbee buried there, she was married to Andrew Jackson Banks who later changed his name to Taulbee (he was a Taulbee - just down the illegitimate side from Preacher William Lee Taulbee - another long story). She would have died in the mid to late 1920s.

Thank you! Cynthia Taulbee-Ellis

In a message dated 9/20/2003 1:42:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes: The cemetary you are talking about at Frozen is my family cemetary. We just had a memorial service there last week. My great-grandmother, Lula Bailey, began the memorial service 31 years ago. In years past, every Taulbee, Haynes, Carpenter, etc. around came to this memorial service. Now it is just the immediate family. There are many Taulbees buried on these cemetaries. Both my great-grandparents, Lula and Millard Bailey, are buried here. My grandmother knows every person buried there, even those without markers. If you need more information, e-mail me with specifics and I will ask her. Directions: Take HWY 15 to Vancleve, right onto 1812, a couple miles to Blanton Bridge take a left, go around 8 to 10 miles. The cemetaries are on the right, a swinging bridge takes you to them. They are located a little before you get to Negro Branch, now called Taulbee.

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> Hello, > > Go to the town of Campton located on the Mountain Parkway in Wolfe Co. You willfind some info in their new library. > > Better still go toward Jackson. Turn on the Mary Flat road. Go maybe > 4 mile. You will find the Burton-Taulbee cemetary. Most of Jonas and EllaJane Swango family is buried here. But there is a lot of the older family here also. > > continue down the hill about 1/4 mile. go straight down in front of > the old house. This is the house I remember as the Jonas House. continue up this road. I beleive there is a mobile home where you turn up the hill to the Perry Taulbee cemetary. It needed some work done the last time I was there. > > Go back to the main road and continue down the creek. You will find > three more Taulbee cemeraties down through there: Uncle Lee Taulbee, You will have to ask directions here. I never did find it my self, but then I knew where my direct line was, in the Jonas cemetary. > > again ask questions. You want to go to the Taulbee, Neely cemetary. > This is wher Archibold and Eliz- > abeth TAulbee are buried. > > Go back to the main road #15 and turn right. about10 miles you will > come to Vancleve. You want to take I beleive the 1812 and go right. this should be where you come to TAulbee (was Negar Branch} but name had to be changed. Here you will find 4 Taulbee cemetaries all laid out to form a square. They were neatly fenced and well kept when I was there. I was told that William H and Margaret were in one of the 4 unmarked graves. Just plain stones. they would be in the back right hand one. One cemetary had blocks and planks to make seats for their meetings. > > I hope this helps some of you. I was born at Mary, granddaughter of > Jonas and ella jane. I now live in Mich. but go back twice a year and have done my > history for about 60 years. Grandpa Jonas loved to talk about the > family. > > Good Luck, Manda