Person:Paulus Svedin (3)

m. 26 Oct 1856
  1. Agnes Angelica Svedin1857 - 1915
  2. Ebba Louisa Matilda Svedin1857 - 1857
  3. Paulus Svedin1859 - 1914
m. 5 May 1882
  1. Carl Frederick Svedin1882 - 1928
  2. Caroline Bernardine Svedin1883 - 1977
  3. Konrad Julius Svedin1885 - 1886
  4. Ingeborg Svedin1886 - 1890
  5. Frances Octavia Svedin1889 - 1947
  6. Paulus Svedin1891 - 1980
  7. Henry Svedin1894 - 1959
  8. Anthon Svedin1896 - 1971
  9. Ana Irene Svedin1899 - 1982
  10. Andrew August Svedin1901 - 1901
m. 11 Nov 1902
  1. Wesley Svedin1903 - 1983
Facts and Events
Name Paulus Svedin
Gender Male
Birth? 22 Jan 1859 Admiralitets For, Karlskrona, Blekinge, Sweden
Christening? 23 Jan 1859
Marriage 5 May 1882 Copenhagen, Denmarkto Anna Augusta Andersen
Marriage 11 Nov 1902 Manti, Sanpete, Utah, USAto Petrine Marie Jensen
Death[1] 15 Aug 1914 Elsinore, Sevier, Utah, USA
Ancestral File Number 17WTDS
Other? Lot 61-1 Cemetery Description
Burial? Elsinore, Sevier, Utah, United StatesElsinore Cemetery

BE P [2]

A Brief History of Paulus Svedin Compiled by Paulus B. and Wilma Svedin in collaboration with Paulus Svedin (Jr.) and Ana S. Pearson, March 1972

Paulus Svedin was born January 22nd, 1859 in Karlskrona, Sweden, the son of Carl Fredrick Svedin and Cecelia Petersson. His father had passed away rather suddenly three days before. This no doubt was a tremendous shock, and neighbors and friends feared for the well-being of mother and baby. Because of this, they took the baby to be christened and gave him the Biblical name of Paulus.

Two sisters had preceded his birth. Agnes was almost two years old, and Ebba Louisa born in October 1857 had lived only a few days. But Paulus and Agnes did well as their mother provided and cared for them. In April 1862, Paulus gained a stepfather as Cecelia married Johan Herman Svanberg. Svanberg was a shoemaker in Karlskrona. Six years later the family of four moved to Rodeby, and the shoemaking business continued there. Cecelia would go out into the country to secure hides, probably because Johan was a cripple. Young Paulus was now getting big enough to help a little, so one day while his mother was out getting hides, he remained home with his stepfather. The stepfather had a customer come in for some shoes to be made, and while Johan was bending over his pile of leather hunting for some suitable pieces to work with, the customer suggested by pantomime that Paulus bite him. Paulus, inclined to be somewhat mischievous, was easily persuaded by this invitation, and he did it. Of course this angered the stepfather and Paulus had to flee. He had to wait until his mother returned and she reconciled the situation.

Johan died in September 1873, and the shoemaking business was left to Cecelia, her 16-year old daughter, and 14-year old son, Paulus. They stayed on in Ronneby only one more year, and then the three of them moved back to Karlskrona in October 1874.

It was during this time that the missionaries contacted the family and they were soon converted. Agnes was the first one to join the Church. She was baptized Feb. 1st, 1874. In April of that year, the mother was baptized, and on May 17, 1875 Paulus was baptized. This was the beginning of troublesome times for the little family of three. Persecution waged strong against them. Agnes left and went to Malmo. Then one day as Paulus and his mother returned to their shoe shop, they found their equipment strewn out into the street and the orders were to leave. So Paulus and his mother joined Agnes and the three of them went to Copenhagen, Denmark.

In Copenhagen, Paulus went to school and learned the trade of tanner. He also met Anna Augusta Andersen who had been born in Helsingor, but had moved to Copenhagen as a young girl with her family. They were married May 5, 1882.

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