Person:Patrick Vans (2)

Patrick Vans, of Barnbarroch
b.Est 1460 Scotland
d.1528 Scotland
m. Est 1459
  1. Patrick Vans, of BarnbarrochEst 1460 - 1528
  • HPatrick Vans, of BarnbarrochEst 1460 - 1528
  • WMargaret KennedyEst 1470 - 1542
m. Est 1484
  1. Alexander VansEst 1485 -
  2. John Vans, of BarnbarrochEst 1498 - 1547
Facts and Events
Name Patrick Vans, of Barnbarroch
Alt Name[1] Patrick Vaux, of Barnbarroch
Gender Male
Birth[6] Est 1460 Scotland
Marriage Est 1484 Scotlandto Margaret Kennedy
Death[1] 1528 Scotland

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The VANSes OF BARNBARROCH descend from the Norman family of de Vallibus or de Vaux, which held lands in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex at the time of the Domesday Book 1086.
One of the family came to Scotland in the time of King David I. Family of Vallibu or Vans were proprietors of the lands and barony of Dirleton, in East Lothian. Joannes de Vallibus, Dominus de Dirleton, gave in pure and perpetual alms to the Episcopal See in Glasgow, "decem marcas de firmis terrae suae de Golyn," dated "apud" Edinburgh April 18, 1249, which is ratified by King Alexander, III, June 4, twenty-ninth year of his reign, etc.
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  6. Birth year estimated based on estimated birth years of his father, his sons Alexander and John and his grandson Patrick.
    including information from that of James Burns Vans Agnew

    1. John VAUS of Barnbarroch
    Death: aft 1384
    Succ: succeeded by his son John
    Reputed to have held the lands of Barnbarroch, probably as the result of a marriage with the heiress to the estate, from Archibald, Earl of Douglas and Lord of Galloway 1384
    Children: John (-<1456)
    2. John VAUS of Barnbarroch
    Death: bef 1456
    Succ: succeeded by his son
    Spouse: Elizabeth KENNEDY
    Father: Gilbert KENNEDY of Dunure 1st Lord Kennedy (-ca 1478)
    Mother: Catherine MAXWELL
    Marr: probably 1430
    Children: Robert (->1459)
    James (-<1457)
    3. Robert VAUS of Barnbarroch
    Succ: succeeded by his son Blaise
    Death: aft 6 Mar 1459
    Charter of Barnbarroch granted to him by William, Earl of Douglas, presumably the 8th Earl, Jan 1451
    Charter of Barnbarroch granted to Robert Vaus by James, Earl of Douglas, 26 Oct 1453
    Spouse: Euphemia GRAHAM
    Father: Malise GRAHAM 1st Earl of Menteith (ca1407-)
    Mother: Jane de VERE
    Children: Blaise (-<1482)
    George (-1508)
    (William) Alexander
    4. Blaise VAUS of Barnbarroch
    Succ: 1456, succeeded by his son Patrick
    Death: 1482, bef 26 Feb
    Spouse: Elizabeth SHAW
    Father: Sir John SHAW of Haillie
    Children: Patrick (-1528)
    George (-?1570)
    5. Patrick VAUS of Barnbarroch
    Succ: 1482, as a minor, succeeded by his son John
    Death: 1528
    Spouse: Margaret KENNEDY
    Father: John KENNEDY 2nd Lord Kennedy (-<1509)
    Mother: Elizabeth MONTGOMERIE
    Children: John (-1547)
    6. John VAUS of Barnbarroch
    Succ: 1528, succeeded by his son Alexander
    Death: 1547, battle of Pinkie
    Spouse: Janet McCULLOCH
    Father: Sir Simon McCULLOCH of Myrtoun (-1581)
    Mother: Marion GORDON
    Children: Alexander (-1568)
    Patrick (-1597)
    7. Alexander VAUS of Barnbarroch*
    Succ: 1547, succeeded by his brother Patrick
    Death: 1568
    Spouse: Janet KENNEDY
    Father: David KENNEDY 1st Earl of Cassilis (-1513)
    Mother: Agnes BORTHWICK
    Marr: aft 1547
    Children: Helen (1557-~1597)
    Other spouses: Euphemia DUNBAR
    Father: Sir John DUNBAR of Mochrum (->1586)
    Mother: Elizabeth MURE (->1591)
    Marr: contract. 3 Dec 1566
    No Children
    8. Sir Patrick VAUS of Barnbarroch*
    Succ: 1568, succeeded by his son John
    Death: 22 Dec 1597
    Heir to George Vaus, Bishop of Galloway (1591) his goodsire's brother who died in 1570
    Spouse: UNNAMED
    Children: John (Illegitimate) (->1629)
    Other spouses: Elizabeth KENNEDY
    Father: Sir Hew KENNEDY of Girvan Mains
    Mother: Janet STEWART Lady
    Marr: Dec 1560
    Children: Isobell (1561-)
    Grissell (1563-)
    Other spouses: Catherine KENNEDY , Lady
    Father: Gilbert KENNEDY 3rd Earl of Cassilis (1515-1558)
    Mother: Margaret KENNEDY (1517-1597)
    Marr: Apr 1573
    Children: John (ca1574-1642)
    Patrick (ca1576-1637)
    Robert (-ca1656)
    Alexander (->1626)
    Catherine (->1655)
    Other spouses: UNNAMED, Elizabeth KENNEDY
    9. Sir John VANS of Barnbarroch
    Succ: 1597, succeeded by his son Patrick
    Death: Jun 1642
    Birth: ca 1574
    Spouse: Margaret McDOWALL
    Father: Uchtred McDOWALL of Garthland (-1593)
    Mother: Margaret KENNEDY
    Marr: bef 1597
    Children: Patrick (-1673)
    Andrew (-ca1661)
    Margaret (->1659)
    Florence (->1641)
    10. Sir Patrick VANS of Barnbarroch
    Succ: 1642, succeeded by his son John
    Death: 1673
    Spouse: Grizell JOHNSTONE Lady Orchardton
    Father: Sir John JOHNSTONE of that Ilk (ca1547-1587)
    Mother: Margaret SCOTT
    Marr: 1615
    Children: John (<1634-1696)
    Alexander (<1635-1709)
    11. John VANS of Barnbarroch
    Succ: 1673, succeeded by his brother Alexander
    Death: 29 Aug 1696
    Birth: bef 1634
    Spouse: Grizell McCULLOCH
    Father: John McCULLOCH of Myrtoun
    Mother: Margaret COUPER
    Marr: 15 Jun 1649
    Children: John (d.v.p) (-<1696)
    12. Alexander VANS of Barnbarroch
    Birth: bef 1635
    Death: 1709
    Succ: 1696, succeeded his brother; succeeded by his son Patrick
    Was titled of Barquhanny, 1635
    Power of attorney in favour of his eldest son Patrick 1699
    Spouse: Margaret MAXWELL
    Father: William MAXWELL of Monreith (-1670)
    Mother: Agnes McCULLOCH
    Marr: 1674
    Children: Patrick (<1694-1733)
    Thomas (Lancelot) (-<1709)
    Unknown (-<1709)
    Grizell (->1719)
    13. Patrick VANS of Barnbarroch, MP*
    Succ: 1709, succeeded by his son John
    Death: 1733
    Birth: bef 1694
    Titled of Barquhanny 1694
    Spouse: Jean CAMPBELL
    Father: CAMPBELL of Lawers
    Children: son (d.v.p)
    Other spouses: Barbara McDOWALL
    Father: Patrick McDOWALL of Freugh (-1733)
    Mother: Margaret HALLRIDGE of Dromore, Co. Down
    Marr: 28 Feb 1715
    Children: UNNAMED (d.v.p) (-<1733)
    John (1724-1780)
    4 other sons
    2 other daughters
    Other spouses: Jean CAMPBELL
    14. John VANS AGNEW of Barnbarroch
    Birth: 1724
    Succ: 1733, succeeded by his son Robert
    Death: 1780
    Builder of the present house of Barnbarroch, 1771
    Spouse: Margaret AGNEW
    Father: Robert AGNEW of Sheuchan
    Mother: Margaret McDOWALL
    Marr: 1747
    Children: Robert Vans (1755-1809)
    Patrick (-1784)
    John Vans
    15. Robert Vans AGNEW of Barnbarroch & Sheuchan
    Birth: 24 Apr 1755
    Death: 11 Feb 1809, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Succ: 1780, succeeded by his son John
    Robert Vans Agnew's correct surname was AGNEW, his father having assumed the name of AGNEW at his marriage. Robert christened all his children Vans (ref the family bible in which he recorded this action and which is in my possession). I believe that his children did the same but that all future generations called themselves by the surname VANS AGNEW until my father, Patrick Alexander Vans of Barnbarroch returned to the name VANS in 1965.
    Spouse: Frances DUNLOP
    Father: John DUNLOP of that Ilk (1707-1785)
    Mother: Frances Anna WALLACE
    Marr: 24 Feb 1777
    Children: Robert Vans (1779-1804)
    John Vans (1780-1825)
    James Vans (1781-1800)
    Patrick Vans (1783-1842)
    Henry Stewart Vans (1788-1855)
    Margaret Vans (1778-1864)
    Frances Georgina Vans (1785-1839)
    Anne Frances Vans (1787-1787)
    Anna Maria Vans (1792-1882)
    16. John Vans AGNEW of Barnbarroch
    Birth: 22 Apr 1780, Stranraer Park
    Succ: 1809, succeeded by his brother Patrick
    Death: 12 Oct 1825, Macclesfield
    Given (in 1810) portrait of William Wallace which hung at Barnbarroch.
    No Children
    17. Lt Col. Patrick Vans AGNEW of Barnbarroch & Sheuchan
    Birth: 6 Jan 1783, Barnbarroch
    Succ: 1825, succeeded by his son Robert
    Death: 17 May 1842, London
    Spouse: Catharine FRASER
    Father: Donald FRASER
    Mother: Mary ORD
    Marr: 7 Sep 1813
    Children: Robert Vans (1817-1893)
    William Vans (~1818-1833)
    Patrick Alexander Vans (1822-1848)
    John Vans (1824-1874)
    James Vans (1828-1886)
    George Vans (1831-1898)
    Frances Vans (1814-1896)
    Mary (Vans) (1815-1909)
    Elizabeth Vans (1825-1893)
    Catherine (Kitty) Vans (1828-1872)
    18. Robert Vans AGNEW of Barnbarroch & Sheuchan
    Birth: 4 Mar 1817, Madras, India
    Death: 26 Sep 1893, Aberdeenshire
    Succ: 1842, succeeded by his son Patrick
    Sold Sheuchan in 1855 to John 10th Earl of Stair
    Extended Barnbarroch
    Spouse: Mary Elizabeth HUNTER BLAIR
    Father: Sir David HUNTER BLAIR of Blairquhan (-1857)
    Mother: Elizabeth HAY
    Marr: 22 Apr 1852
    Sep: 1863
    Children: Patrick Alexander Vans (1856-1897)
    James David Vans (1858-1889)
    John Vans (1859-1943)
    Elizabeth Vans (1854-1937)
    Catherine Vans
    Mary (1861-1896)
    19. Patrick Alexander Vans AGNEW of Barnbarroch & Sheuchan
    Birth: 20 Oct 1856
    Succ: 1893, succeeded by his brother John
    Death: 13 Sep 1897, Barnbarroch
    No Children
    20. John Vans AGNEW of Barnbarroch & Sheuchan
    Birth: 23 Aug 1859, Barnbarroch
    Succ: 1897, succeeded by his 1st cousin once removed James Burns Vans Agnew
    Death: 7 Oct 1943, Garliestown, Wigtownshire, Scotland
    Spouse: Ada Sybil BATES
    Father: Robert BATES
    Marr: 10 Dec 1891, Meerut, India
    Son of no. 17 John Vans AGNEW
    Birth: 27 Jun 1824
    Death: 5 Nov 1874
    Spouse: Frances JENKINS
    Father: Boycott JENKINS
    Mother: Elizabeth ORD
    Marr: 27 Dec 1852
    Children: Charles Edward Patrick (1854-1900)
    William Harold Patrick (1856-1857)
    John Fraser (1858-1919)
    Henry Alexander (1860-ca1863)
    Francis (1862-1908)
    Arthur Frederick (1865-1942)
    Edward Lovelace (1867-1938)
    Mary (1855-1890)
    Florence Amy (1861-ca1863)
    Gertrude Ellen (1868-1952)
    his son Major John Fraser VANS AGNEW
    Birth: 16 May 1858
    Death: 29 Apr 1919
    Spouse: Margaret Shortbridge BURNS
    Father: John William BURNS (1837-)
    Mother: Helen SHERER
    Marr: 3 Dec 1896
    Children: James Burns (1899-1963)
    Frances Margaret (1897-)
    21. his son James Burns VANS AGNEW of Barnbarroch
    Birth: 15 Mar 1899
    Succ: 1943, succeeded by his cousin Patrick Alexander Vans
    Death: 15 Mar 1963
    No Children
    Son of no. 17 George Vans AGNEW
    Birth: 17 Jan 1831, Wigtownshire
    Death: 1898
    Spouse: Rosa Coppard WILSON
    Father: J WILSON
    Marr: 1864
    Children: Bertie (Robert) (1865-1929)
    Minor (Patrick Alexander) (1867-1929)
    Tertius (Frank) (1868-1955)
    Quartus (Ernest George) (1871-)
    Ida (Catherine Isabel Ida) (1869-)
    Nell (Violet Eleanor) (1873-1929)
    his son Patrick Alexander VANS AGNEW
    Birth: 11 Apr 1867, Trichinopoloy, India
    Death: 7 Sep 1929
    Arrived in USA 1894
    Spouse: Marian FELL
    Father: Edward Nelson FELL (1857-1928)
    Mother: Anne Mumford PALMER (1856-1937)
    Marr: 9 Jun 1914, Creedmoor
    Children: Anne Vaux (1916-1993)
    Patricia Alexandra (1919-1990)
    Patrick Alexander (1924-1998)
    Marian Nelson Fell (1927-)
    22. His son Patrick Alexander VANS of Barnbarroch
    Birth: 14 Feb 1924, Orlando, Florida
    Death: 8 Aug 1998, Cirencester
    Succ: 1965, succeeded his 2nd cousin J B Vans Agnew
    Spouse: Barbara de GREY
    Father: Nigel de GREY (1886-1951)
    Mother: Florence Emily Frances GORE (1883-1963)
    Marr: 5 Oct 1946, Plaxtol, Kent
    Children: Margaret Olivia (1948-)
    James Edward (1950-)
    23. James Edward VANS of Barnbarroch
    Birth: 23 Apr 1950, Melbourne, Australia
    Succ: 1998, succeeded his father
    Spouse: Judith Marian SWAFFIN
    Father: John SWAFFIN (-1960)
    Mother: Alice Marian TUCK
    Marr: 16 Jul 1981, Stroud
    Children: Caroline Alice (1982-)
    Amy Elizabeth (1985-)

    JAMES EDWARD VANS OF BARNBARROCH, Baron of Barnbarroch and Representer of the Baronial House of Vans of Barnbarroch [James Vans of Barnbarroch, Teekles Ct, Upper Green Lane, Haresfield, Glos GL10 3EG]; b 23 April 1950; educ Shrewsbury; sculptor; m 16 July 1981 •Judith Marian, dau of John Swaffin