Person:Nowell Burton (1)

m. 1686
  1. Robert Burton1687 - 1748
  2. John Burton1691 - 1747
  3. Nowell Burton1692 - 1766
  4. Magdaline Burton1693 -
  5. Hutchins Burton1694 - 1763
  6. Benjamin Burton1696 - 1758
  7. John Burton1699 - 1735
  • HNowell Burton1692 - 1766
  • WJudith Allenest 1700 - bef 1766
m. abt. 1718
  1. Robert Burtonabt 1719 -
  2. Richard Burtonabt 1720 - abt 1779
  3. Hutchins Burtonabt 1722 -
  4. Allen Burton1729 - abt 1781
  5. Noel Burtonabt 1730 -
Facts and Events
Name Nowell Burton
Gender Unknown
Birth? 1692 Henrico, Virginia, United States
Alt Birth? 1692 Longfield, Henrico, Virginia, USA
Marriage abt. 1718 Henrico County, Virginiato
Death? 13 Oct 1766 Mecklenburg, Virginia, USA

Estate Records of Nowell Burton

  • Mecklenburg Co., VA, WB 1, p. 29, Will dated 31 July 1766, proved 13 Oct 1766.
  • Wife not named and evidently deceased. Children: Allen Burton, Judith Young, John Burton, Josiah Burton, Robert Burton, Benjamin Burton, Hutchins Burton. Specific requests to all except son Hutchins Burton. Remainder of estate to son Hutchins. Refers to land in Halifax County, and to debts owed him by John Burton of Cumberland County and Samuel Bugg and John C. Goode of Mecklenburg County. Executor: Son Hutchins Burton. Witnesses: John Burton, George Baskervill and Robert Burton. Will dated July 31, 1766. Recorded Oct. 13, 1766. (Katherine B. Elliott transcription)
  • p. 31, Appraisal of personal property- 15p 10s 6p. Appraisers: George Baskervill, Peter F. Jefferson, and Reuben Morgan.

Records in Virginia

  • Henrico Co. Wills & deeds, 1710-14, p. 202, 24 Feb 1712 Edward Hughs of County & Parish of Henrico, planter, to Nowel Burton of same, for 5 shillings, land which said Edward purchased of the now John Woodson, who purchased it of Jno. Woodson, Sr., dec'd, by two deeds 1 Feb 1699 and 1 Aug 1697; bounded by Philemon Childers, path from Hughs to place called Horner's, 100 acres. Wit: Robert Blaws, Henry (H) Childers, Edward Goode, Edward (E) Matthews. Signed: Edward Hughs. Recorded 2 March 1712.
  • Henrico Co. November Ct 1721, p. 145, Nowel Burton appointed Undersheriff of Henrico Co.
  • December Ct 1721, p. 145, Nowel Burton to Richard Allen, deed.
  • Burton Chronicles, p. 204: "In 1725 John Woodson obtained a patent of land "on the south side of the James adjoining land of John Gunn, John Woodall and Nowell Burton" (Book XII, p. 344). In June 1727, Nowell Burton, Joseph Woodson and Stephen Hughes witnessed a deed of Jacob Michaux. The two last named were later residents of Cumberland county. Elizabeth, the daughter of Stephen Hughes married John Woodson."
  • Goochland Co. Wills & deeds, 1728-36, p. 45 Deed 19 Nov 1728 Nowel Burton of St. James parish, Goochland, to Thomas Randolph of same, for 123/10/10, plantation where Nowel Burton dwells, 322 acres in same parish, also 6 slaves: Tom, Frank, Mary, Ned, Peter, and Bess, as security, until debt paid unless paid by 18 Nov 1734. Wit: John Fleming, John Woodson, Henry Wood. Recorded 19 Nov 1728.
  • p. 58, 25 Feb 1726 Deed between Nowel Burton and John Sutton Farrar for 120 lbs, 325 acres in St. James Parish bounded by Josiah Paine, Robert Burton, Robert Adams, John Bellamy, Col. Harrison and John Woodson. Wit: John Woods, Wm Womack, Francis James, Henry Wood. Recorded 16 March 1728.
  • Goochland Co. Order Bk 2, 1730-31, Rocket vs Burton. In the Action of Trespass on the case between Baldwin Rocket Plt. and Nowell Burton Defendt. Thomas Dickins appears on behalf of the Deft. and confesses a Judgment to the Plt. for three pounds seven shillings and five pence three farthings Currant money whereupon it is considered by the court that the Plt. do recover against the Deft. the said sum together with the costs of this Suit and a Lawyers fee. [According to Harrison, "Burton Chronicles," Baldwin Rocket was a son of Susannah Ware from "a prior marriage." It is likely that he was a step-son, not a natural son, because he would otherwise have been married to his half-sister! Anne Ware was sister of Elizabeth Ware who m. Benjamin Burton, brother of Nowell.]
  • Burton Chronicles, p. 208, "In 1738 (Nov. 9) the Virginia council granted 'To Nowel Burton 1600 acres joining 400 acres already patented being the plantation where he now lives on Willis Creek in Goochland county joining the line of Thomas Bassett, Jacob Michaux and Joseph Dabbs and to have an inclusive patent for the whole.' "
  • Goochland Co., Deed Bk 3, p. 260, Deed 26 Nov 1739 Nowel Burton and Judith his wife of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., planter, to Robert Bernard of Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co., Gent., for 80 lbs, 265 acres on south side of Willlis River, bounded by the river, Reedy Branch, Soakarse Run; being part of a grant of 400 acres to said Burton 28 January 1733; with all houses, etc. Wit: Step'n Bedford, James Daniel, Rich'd Burton, Robert Burton. Signed: Nowel Burton, Judith (JB.) Burton. Recorded 19 Feb 1739.
  • Goochland County Wills & Deeds 1736-1742, 4 Dec 1740, page 415, Valentine Bostick of Hanover Co to John Woodson of Goochland Co. for 40 pounds 400a in St. James Parish, on north side of Appomattox River, granted by patent to John Bostick, dec'd 8 Sept. 1736 and by said John sold to Valentine Bostick; bounded by William Bostick late of Goochland Co., John Chafin, Edmund Hodges, William Arnold; with all houses. Wit: Nowel Burton, Matthew Anderson, Bartelot Anderson.
  • Goochland Deed Bk 3, p. 492, Deed 16 Nov 1741 Nowel Burton of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., to Josiah Burton of same, for 20 lbs., land on south branch of Willis River, 400 acres, bounded by James Daniel. The 400 acres were granted said Burton by patent 26 March 1739; with all houses, etc. Wit: Wade Netherland, Wm Cockerham, Richard Anis, Ste'n Hughes. Signed: Nowel Burton. Recorded 17 Nov 1741.
  • Goochland Co., Deed Bk 5, p. 2, 6 Feb 1743, Nowel Burton to Richard Burton.
  • Goochland OB 6, p.86, At a Court held for Goochland County the Third Tuesday in July being the Sixteenth day of the month Anno domini 1745. Present. George Carrington, Thomas Turpin, Arthur Hopkins, John Smith, John Harris, Gent. Justices.
  • Burtons Deed to Burton. Nowel Burton acknowledges a Deed with the Livery of Seizin & Receit endors'd from himself to Richd. Burton to be his Acts and Deeds which are ordered to be recorded.

Henrico Co. Deed Bk 1748-50 Book, p. 47, 5 Nov 1748 John Robinson of County & Parish of Henrico, to Hutchins Burton Sr. of same, for lbs. 5/7/6, 200 acres on south side of Upham Brook, bounded by said Roberson, William Gordin. Wit: Thomas Lewis, William Allen Burton, Nowell Burton. Signed: John (R) Robinson. Recorded 1st Mon. Nov 1748.

  • Cumberland Co., VA, Deed Bk I, p. 11, June 26, 1749 from Nowel Burton and Richard Burton of C, to William Bernard of C, for 110 lbs, a certain tract of land about 140 acres, being part of a tract of land patented to said Nowel Burton on Jan. 13, 1733, and conveyed to Richard Burton by the said Nowel. Signed-Nowel Burton, Richard Burton. Wit: John Flemming Jr., John Bowden, Francis (his X mark) Meguier. Recorded June 26, 1749.
Lunenburg Co., VA, Ct order book 9, July 14, 1763 Court:
  • Richard Hanson, Plt, vs Noel Burton, Deft, In Case. This day came the Plt by his atty, and the Deft in his proper person, and the Deft agrees that the Plt has sustained damages by occasion of the nonperformance of the assumption in the declaration specified, to 6 lbs 14 shillings and 10 pence 3 farthings besides his costs. Judgment for Plt for his damages afd, and his costs. Order to stay execution 'til next Nov 1.

The following case proves existence of a son named Richard, who is not included in Noel's will three years later:

pp. 89-90, At a Court held on Jul 14, 1763 for the examination of Noel Burton on suspicion of his feloniously counterfeiting sundry Treasury Notes of Virginia, knowing the same to be bad.
Present, Matthew Marable, Edmund Taylor, Daniel Cargill, Henry Delony, and John Camp, Gent. Justices.
The Prisoner being set to the bar and being asked if he was guilty, said he was not guilty, whereupon David Garland, John Speed Jr, and Samuel Young, being examined as witnesses for the King against sd Noel Burton, [...] is guilty of passing bad money, but that he did not know the same to be bad, and ordered that the sd Burton, of the charges afd, be acquitted, upon the deposition of his son, Richard Burton. Memo. that the sd Noel Burton made oath that he had the money aft of his son, Benjamin Burton. Signed-Matthew Marable.
May Court, 1764, p. 25, Archibald Buchanan, Alexander Speirs & co., Petitioners vs Noel Burton, Deft, on a Petition. Said Deft not appearing, judgment for the petitioners for 3 lbs. 17 shillings and 2 pence, costs and fee.

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