Person:Nobel Kennard (1)

Nobel Kennard
b.Abt 1770 Georgia
Facts and Events
Name Nobel Kennard
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1770 Georgia
Marriage Abt 1787 to Loueza _____
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    ....with William McIntosh ranking as a colonel and two other chiefs, George Lovett and Noble Kennard, being designated majors. (Jan 1818)
    Page 190
    ...McIntosh sent out Major Kennard with a detachment, but he soon sent back a runner to report that they had discovered a hostile party which outnumber them....
    Page 191
    ....Some of the friendly Indians, including Major Kennard, joined Woodward, and they were able to "cut off the woman from the warriors" and rescue her. For valor in this engagement, Major Kennard and Major Lovett were promoted to the rank of colonel by order of General Jackson....
    A Noble Kinnard was major of Creek volunteers in the War of 1812, along with Captain William Kennard, Lt. George, and Pvts. Siah, Daniel and John Kennard.
    Colonel Nobel in McIntosh's Crrek brigade 1817-18

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    Noble Kennard, first cousin of Chief McIntosh, who lived eight miles above Coweta on the Chattahoochee, also had a settlement on the Kitchofoonee Creek near where Albany is today; an early map shows this settlement and also "Kennards Path" going south from his farm, in the direction of the Trading Center at Pensacola.