Person:Nicholas Pontius (2)

Johann Nicholas Pontius
  1. John Frederick Pontius1718 - Abt 1792
  2. Johann Nicholas Pontius1728 - 1794
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  • W.  Anna Margeretha Schuey (add)
Facts and Events
Name[1] Johann Nicholas Pontius
Gender Male
Birth[2] 27 Jan 1728 Berglangenbach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Death[2] 24 Sep 1794 Berks, Pennsylvania, United States

BIOGRAPHY: Known as Nicholas. German in ethnic makeup.

Born before the date listed as a birthdate. Immigrant ancestor from Berglangenbach translates to mean "Mountain long brook/stream" Website for Berglangenbach is > This will give you an english translation of the website.

From eMail connections: >> 1. Nicholas may have arrived in America 1738 in the ship "Glasgow Palatinate".

2. In Penn's Colony immigrant Nicholas had probably gone about 70 miles northwest into Lancaster County, the newest and biggest. Evidently in the y ear after Nov 1, 1749 son Daniel had been born as calculated from a 1813 death notice in the Reading Eagle newspaper. On March 11, 1752 Berks Coun ty had been created from segments of the wilderness, the counties of Phila delphia, Chester and a portion of Lancaster. In 1759 the tax record of Berks County had shown a Nicholas Poncious paying a 2 pound tax. Continually changing county lines, conversion from German to English, phonet ic records and ambiguous handwriting led a merry chase to pinpoint our family's trail. On September 15, 1762 he had taken the sacrament as required by law for naturalization to become a citizen of Great Britain on the 2 4th. Christenings of three of his children had been recorded in 1766, 176 8, and 1770. A 1775 February Christening had Nicholas Ponzius and wife Anna Margaret (Shuey) as witness. From 1767 to 1791 he had been taxed for land and personal property. Acreage assessments had grown from 50 to 156. 117 by 1786. In 1761 he had had 2 horses, 2 cattle, and 1 sheep. By 17 79 it had been 4 horses, 4 cattle, with sheep not listed. The November 1 7, 1770 land grant to N. Pontzius had been the basis of a deed dated Ju ly 1, 1795. We know of no record of military duty during the Revolutionary War, at which time he must have been in his 40s. He had taken the Oa th of Allegiance May 29, 1778. After the death of son Peter, the Berks County Orphans Court appointed him on July 27, 1785 as guardian to grandsons William and Peter.

While the Pennsylvania Archives document much of the above, the United Sta tes Census 1790-1920 verifies household head and occupant gender, including names after 1850. That of 1 August 1790 Berks County, Bethel Township has listed: Nich Pontzius; 2 males 16 and over, 1 male under 16, and 1 female, compatible with our Nicholas, grandsons William & J. Peter and wife Margaret. About September 1794 Nicholas had died intestate. On December 3rd Daniel, the oldest surviving son had petitioned the Orphans Court to appoint a new guardian for Peter's sons.

Valuation of the messuage and tract of land was also petitioned as widow A nn Margaret renounced her claim. Surviving progeny included: Daniel, John, Martin, J. NICHOLAS [our ancestor], George, Mary Margaret the wife of Conrad Reber, and orphans J. William & J. Peter. Daniel bought the farm. Immigrant Nicholas's burial site is unknown.

(Over 150 of the some 400 members of the PONTIUS FAMILY ASSOCIATION are descended from IMMIGRANT NICHOLAS and over 20 from his grandson GABRIEL .) Source: Joan Pontius,, http://www.rci.rutgers .edu/~jup/, August, 1999

Further information from>

Father: Johan Peter PONTIUS b: 6 FEB 1684 in Eborn, Birkenfeld, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany (historical region of Prussia) Mother: Anna Rosina Catharina HAUCH </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=lanastl&id=I15533> b: 31 JAN 1693 in Berglangenbach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany (historical region of Prussia)

Marriage 1 Anna Margaret Schuey b: 15 FEB 1728/29 in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Married: 25 SEP 1749 in Lancaster County, PA Children George Pontius b: BEF 25 FEB 1753 in Berks County, PA Daniel Pontius b: 1757 in Berks County, PA John Martin Pontius b: 22 MAR 1757 in Berks County, PA John Nicholas Pontius b: ABT 1763 in Berks County, PA John Frederick Pontius b: BEF 31 MAR 1766 in Berks County, PA Ludwig Henry Pontius b: 7 OCT 1768 in Berks County, PA John George Pontius b: BEF 8 APR 1770 in Berks County, PA

Sources: Title: Hofler Family Records Author: Edmond A. Hofler Publication: 1998 Note: 1233 Springwood Way Pacifica, CA 94044-4017 Note: Excellent Repository: Note: Harrold Source File Call Number: Media: Letter

Title: Pontius Genealogy Author: Jason Pontius Publication: Feb 2002 Note:, Note: Excellent Repository: Note: Brown Source File Call Number: Media: Letter Text: Includes information from George Gardner,

The Pontius family is one of the most interesting ancestral lines that married into the Wilch and Crooks family’s That marriage set in motion the eventual marriage of this co-author to Lou Jean Wilch. Lou's Pontius connection will later be revealed. It is at this point the German influence enters the Crooks ancestors, thus becoming a part of our Family Tree. We have included this narrative because of its rare availability and insight into the life experiences of one ancestor family. It is a brief look into their life in Germany, the tribulations of emigrating to America, their settlements here, and the new mode of life here in America. The first part of this story involves Johannes Pontius, his family, and their Journey from Germany to America. His brother Nicholas is important to our Family Tree as the ancestor whose line descended down to Susanna Pontius, CLICK HERE <images/wich-susanna-pontius-photo.jpg>. Susanna Pontius married Johann Peter Wilch ON 07 May 1861. They had a Son Christian Edward who married Nellie Whittinger. Unto this marriage a son, Floyd Arvine Wilch, was born. This now takes us back to the Crooks Family Tree. Floyd Arvine Wilch married Marie Elizabeth Bishop on 31 Jul 1917 in Plymouth, Indiana. Unto this marriage a daughter, Lou Jean Wilch, was born. On 03 Feb 1951 Harry Frank Crooks Married Lou Jean Wilch which brings us back to the CROOKS FAMILY TREE. Source: google search for Anna Rosina Catherina HAUCH Contact:

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