Person:Nicholas Drummey (5)

    1. Nicholas DRUMMEYEst 1820 -
    1. Julia DRUMMEYEst 1840 - 1882
    2. William DRUMMEY1841 - 1898
    3. Mary DRUMMEY1843 -
    Facts and Events
    Name[1][2] Nicholas DRUMMEY
    Gender Male
    Birth[2] est 1820 Parish of Belmont, Co. Cork, Ireland
    Occupation[2] Horseshoe maker, blacksmith
    Death[2][3] Parish of Belmont, Co. Cork, Ireland
    Religion? Catholic

    1. In a letter to Father Clair C. Drummy dated 28 March 1930, Michael Patrick Drummey (son of Simon), states there were only 3 brothers: Simon, William John and John. He goes on to say, "Of course, Nicholas who died in boyhood dont count in this research." This Nicholas may be a close cousin of Simon, John, et al.

    See the note for Julia Drummey (ID#845) in this database for a reference identifying Nicholas (married to Julia Buttemer) as a cousin of Simon, John, et al.

    Source 167 identifies this Nicholas as a brother of Simon, John, et al., but no source is given for this.According to source 167, this Nicholas (born around 1820) remained in Ireland for his entire life. His son, William, came to Kentucky and established a family. Thsere is no mention of such a family in the letters written by members of the Simon, John and William John lines. It is intriguing that William married an Ahearn, but this is a common name in the Irish community of the time.

    Source 167 is the only published reference to a family branch descending from Nicholas. Other reports of Nicholas having a family which appear on the internet are not accompanied by sources at this writing [2007].

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