Person:Nicholas Allee (3)

Nicholas Allee
  1. Thomas AlleeAbt 1724 -
  2. James AlleeAbt 1728 -
  3. Nicholas Allee1735 - 1808
  • HNicholas Allee1735 - 1808
  • WAnn StephensBet 1720 & 1743 - Aft 1765
m. Abt 1755
  1. Sarah AlleeAbt 1756 -
  2. Jemima AlleeAbt 1760 -
  3. Keziah AlleeAbt 1760 -
  4. Reverend David Allee1762 - 1835
  5. Jonathan Buford Allee1764 - 1842
  6. William AlleeAbt 1770 - Abt 1826
m. 4 Jun 1795
  1. Anna Allee1796 -
  2. Nicholas Allee1798 - Abt 1851
  3. Merry Allee1800 -
  4. Betty Allee1802 -
  5. Joseph Allee1804 - Aft 1860
  6. Isaac Allee1806 - 1860
  7. Hanna Allee1808 -
Facts and Events
Name Nicholas Allee
Gender Male
Birth? 1 May 1735 Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Marriage Abt 1755 Halifax County, Virginiato Ann Stephens
Marriage 4 Jun 1795 Montgomery County, Virginiato Mary Dennis
Death? 20 Jul 1808 Montgomery County, Virginia

NICHOLAS ALLEE was born on April 25, 1762 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Nicholas married ANN STEPHENS in 1755. Legend says she was a Powhatan Indian. The Powhatans were known to be a suspicious and dangerous tribe unless convinced that the European settlers had friendly intentions. Some English officials have credited them with saving early settlements by teaching them how to cultivate tobacco. This allowed a measure of commercial success, especially in Virginia.

On January 1756 Nicholas Allee was on the private payroll of Captain Robert Steward's Company, Troop of Light Horse, Cumberland Fort, Virginia, commanded by General George Washington. (Source: Murtie June Clark, Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732 - 1774, BEN PUB Company, Inc.1983, pp. xvii, 346, 348. Clayton Library, Houston, Texas GEN 975.C594)

Early in 1757 he furnished provisions for the Prince Edward Company Militia. In June of that same year he was wounded while fighting at the Battle of Fort Duquesne at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. This battle was also known as Braddock's Defeat.

On Thursday, September 28, 1758 he presented a petition to the Virginia House of Burgesses stating that he ought to be paid for a disabling wound he received last year in June. He explained that he was ordered out as aguide to a part of the Brunswick Militia which was sent as protection for the inhabitants. Then in a skirmish with some Indians he was shot twice through the body and his right arm was broken. This incident had entirely disabled him from making a livelihood for himself and his family. The petition was received to be read and considered at that time. The next day it was recommended that he receive 25 pounds. But before receiving it, he, with his family and others, went to South Carolina where they remained for six years. (1758 - 1764)

In 1764 Nicholas returned to the House of Burgesses and again presented his claim for provisions for troops in battle. The first request had been denied.

His name appears on the tax list of Pittsylvania County, Virginia in 1767. It was then clear that he was a tax-paying resident, a member of the community. On May 31, 1770 Nicholas appeared once more before the House of Burgesses to request payment for provisions which he had provided in 1757. He was questioned about the delay in making the claim. He was able to convince the membership that he had indeed been absent six years. The house approved 3 pounds, 9, 9 1/2 for 372 pounds of pork and 2 barries of corn which he had furnished the militia.

On August 27, 1772 he and Ann sold land to Robert Stockton of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Land Records show that as of May 31, 1774 he owned 546 acres on the Little Branch of New River. On April 5, 1774 a survey was made in Fincastle County on the South side of Little River, a branch of New River for Thomas Allee. This is by the Montgomery County line where we later find Nicholas. On April 5, 1787, Jane Alley (former relative of Captain John Jennings) was entitled to pay of her husband, Thomas, who died of wounds received at Buford's Retreat.

Again Nicholas furnished material or service in the war effort for Botetourt County, Virginia from 1780 - 1784. He paid taxes for the years 1782, 1784 - 1787. Although he paid taxes here, he may have lived in Franklin County as early as 1786 since he signed marriage bonds for his children in 1786 and 1787. They were Jermima, Keziah, David, Jonathan, Buford and William. The first daughter, Sarah, was married, though the county of her marriage was not identified.

Some time before 1794 his wife, Ann, died and he married Mary Dennis. They were married on June 4, 1794 or April 13, 1795 in Montgomery County, Virginia, where they made their home. She was the daughter of Joseph Dennis. All the children of Nicholas and Ann were married except William at the time. Nicholas and Mary had seven more children.

  1. On May 20, 1808 Nicholas Allee made his will. It was probated July 20, 1808.

    The Last Will and Testament of Nicholas Allee

    20 May, 1808, Montgomery County, Virginia

    In the name of God Amen this twentieth day of May in the year one thousand, eight hundred and eight.

    I, Nicholas Allee of Montgomery County, and State of Virginia, being advanced in years and weak in body, but of sound mind, memory, and understanding do see cause to make this my last will and testament; that is to say, I commend my soul to Almighty God and my body to the grave, to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my wife and Exrs [sic]. And as touching such worldly Estate as it pleased God to bless me with in this life, I dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

    It is my will and I do ordain that all my lawful debts, funeral expenses and Doctor charges, if any there be, shall be paid and lawfully discharged. I will and bequeath unto Mary, Daughter of Joseph Denis, deceased who is married to me and lives with me now as my wife and home keeper - Seven Cows and calves, one Beef cow, my mare that goes by the name of the young Roan, and her choice three of the rest of my horses, all my sheep and Hoogs [sic]. All my Household furniture, Beds and bedding, her saddle, and every other article thereunto belonging without exception. All the grain, Hay, and fodder that is on my plantation, Growed and Growing, the croppers part excepted at the time of my decease.

    I also will unto the said Mary, all the land that I now possess in this county, during her natural life, if she remains unmarried if she chusses [sic] to Live on it and if she will not chuse [sic] to live on it or should marry then the land to be sold by my Exrs [sic] for the most that can be got for it and the price thereof to be equally divided between my seven children by the said Mary, namely, Anne, Nicholas, Merry, Betty, Joseph, Isaac, and Hannah, she drawing a childs; part and I will unto the said Mary all or any Legacy or Legacies that has or shall fall to her from her fathers Estate.

    I bequeath unto Thomas Denis that now lives with me one cow & calf. The ballance [sic] of my property is to be sold and the price thereof, with my cash, to pay the following? Legacy to my six children by my former wife, to wit: Sarah Stephens, Jemimah Hays, Keziah Robins, David, John, & William Allee, Twenty pounds each, and to Rhoda Cox, my Grand daughter, five pounds. If my negro Poll will find a man that will give fifty five pounds for her, she may chuse [sic] her own master; if not, if any of my children will take her at the same they may the oldest having preference, and if they will not she shall be sold to the highest bider [sic].

    And it is my will that if my children by my wife Mary, should be like to suffer, or not be well brought up, they shall be bound out by my Exrs [sic], in such places and with such men as will be likely to bring them up in the fear of God & make them able to gain an honest living when of lawful age.

    And if my wife Mary should die before the youngest of my children by her shall be of lawful age, the two thirds of her dowry to go to my children by her, and the one third is to be at her own disposal; and whereas my son David Allee hath worked for me after he was of lawful age and my son William hath left property on my plantation for which they had no satisfaction in lieu thereof, I will unto the sd [sic] David & William the Waggon [sic] they bought of me, exclusive of the forementioned legacies. And it is my will that the balance of my property, if any there be after the above legacy is paid the one half thereof go towards the Education of my children by the sd [sic] Mary, and the other half to be divided equally between my six aforementioned oldest children.

    My wearing apparel and my large Bible, I will to my son David. And I do nominate my ???? friend, Peter Saunders, ??? and John Long, to be Exrs [sic] of this my last will and Testament as Witness whereof I set my hand and seal the day and date above written the words she drawing a childs part was underlind [sic] before it
    signed [sic]

    signed and acknowledged in presence of us

    Edward Gray, John Long

    At Montgomery July Court 1808
    This last will and Testament of Nicholas Allee, deceased, was presented in Court and proven by the oath of Edward Gray, Junr. and John Long, the witnesses, thereto subscribed, and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Peter Saunders, Junr. and John Long, the Executors, therein named, who make oath and entered into bond with security according to law. Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.
    Charles Taylor, Clerk