Person:Nathaniel Winchell (2)

m. bef 1634
  1. Nathaniel Winchell1634 - 1699/00
  2. Jonathan Winchell1636 - 1714/15
  3. Phebe Winchell1639 - 1662
  4. Mary Winchell1641 - aft 1692
  5. David Winchell1643 - 1723
  6. Joseph Winchell1646 - bef 1667/68
  7. Martha Winchell1648 - 1655
  8. Benjamin Winchell1652 - 1656
  • HNathaniel Winchell1634 - 1699/00
  • WSarah Porter1646 - 1725
m. 8 Apr 1664
  1. Nathaniel Winchell1665 - 1741
  2. Thomas Winchell1669 -
  3. Sarah Winchell1674 - 1733
  4. Stephen Winchell1677 - 1725
  5. John Winchell1680 -
  6. Mary Winchellest 1683 -
Facts and Events
Name Nathaniel Winchell
Gender Male
Birth[1] cal 1634 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States (probably)
Marriage 8 Apr 1664 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Sarah Porter
Death[1] 8 Mar 1699/00 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States

For His Own Good: Nathaniel Winchell, Connecticut, 1683 --Hh219 12:10, 12 September 2007 (EDT)


Page 141-2 Name: Nathaniel Winchell, Sen. Location: Windsor Died in March. Invt. œ540-09-10. Taken 30 April, 1700, by Benajah Holcomb sen. & Nathaniel Gaylord. The children: Nathaniel, age 32 years, Thomas 28 (Decd, leaving four Children), Stephen 22, John 20, Sarah 25, Mary 17 years. These may inform the Honoured Court: That there is a peice of Land on which Thomas Winchell built a house and lived some years, and after his death, as we are informed, part of sd. Land was Inventoried as part of sd. Thomas his Estate, though not made over to sd. Thomas according to Law before his death, nor since unto the Surviving. So that the Land not being passed, neither by Will nor Deed, from the Old man to his son, nor to son's Children, we were in Doubt whether to Inventory sd. Land unto Nathaniel Winchell's sen. Estate or not. Now the Division of that Matter we leave with your Honours. If it must be put into the Inventory, we apprise it at œ15. Benajah Holcomb. Court Record, Page 140--25 May, 1700: Invt. of the Estate of Nathaniel Winchell, late of Windsor, was exhibited in Court by Sarah, the Relict, and Nathaniel, son of the sd. Decd. Adms. is granted to Sarah, the Relict. Page 1--(Vol. VII) 5 September, 1700: Sarah Winchell, Relict of Nathaniel Winchell, late of Windsor Decd, Adms. Recog., œ200, with Josiah Phelps of Windsor. Page 5--16 December, 1700: Prays for longer time to perfect the Adms. Page 6--20 December, 1700: This Court orders that all the Lands belonging to the Estate of Nathaniel Winchell, except that parcel at Simsbury and one other parcel at Westfield, shall be dist: To the Widow, Sarah Winchell, 1-3 part during her natural life; and to the Children, or their legal representative, the remainder of sd. Estate. And appoint Lt. Return Strong, Michael Tainter and Sergt. Benajah Holcomb, Distributors. This Court appoint Capt. Abraham Phelps to be Guardian to John Winchell, a minor son of Nathaniel Winchell; and Atherton Mather appointed Guardian to Mary Winchell, daughter of sd. Decd. Dist. File: 1701: Order to Dist: To the Widow, to Nathaniel, to the Children of Thomas, to Stephen, to John, to Mary, to Josiah Phelps. By Benajah Holcomb & Michael Taintor. Page 16--4 September, 1701: Report of the Dist. Page 17--4 September, 1701: The Court grant the Widow a Quietus Est. Nathaniel Winchell Jr. appeared in Court and appealed to the Court of Assistants. Recog., œ10.

2 NATHANAEL WINCHELL (1 Robert). Born probably in Massachusetts or England about 1633, and brought to Windsor, Ct. with his parents. Married 8 Apr., 1664, Sarah Porter, dau. of Thos. Porter, of Farmington, Ct. She was born in 1646, bapt 24 July, 1653, and died Windsor, 7 Oct., 1725. He died Windsor, 8 Mar., 1700. His will is given in Early Conn. Probate Records, I, p. 599. In the old Windsor Land Records I find the following under date as early as "Dec. 15th, 1658": "Nathanael Winchel hath by purchased of John Hakes, two acres of meadow, in breadth three rod and half, more or less, bounded north by a highway, south by the meadow of Samuel Gaylord, east by the great river, west by the bounds of the home lots in the swamp." Nathaniel had, however, been made freeman, 21 May, 1657. "Feb. 16th, 1664. Nathanael Winchel hath land made over to him by his father, and to his heirs forever, viz.: -- his dwelling house, orchard and lands pertaining to it on the east side of the street, one acre and half more or less, as it bounds north by the lands of Samuel Gaylord, south by the land of John Strong, west by the street, east by the swamp at the bounds of the meadow." "This may certify that the above specified parcel of land recorded to Nathanael Winchel, he stood possessed of in the year 1668, and since to this day, in his own right, without any person claiming and prosecuting the claim thereto, in due form of law, as they have heard of, as appears by the testimony of John Bissill, Sr., and that it may be confirmed to him according to law, we have signed to this record, seventh day of June 1684. BENJAMIN NEWBURY, Commissr.
THOMAS BISSILL, Select Man. (Land Records, Book I, p. 71)

The following is an abstract of further transactions in real estate by Nathanael: --

  • Feb. 18, 1664. Obtained by Henry Stiles 3 1/2 acres in Windsor, "for good consideration," (Bk. I. p. 178.)
  • Feb. 27, 1670. Bought of Joseph Gillet one acre on east side of the river. Also adjoining this "one acre and half." Latter, "made over again to John Styles."
  • Apr. 25, 1673. Bought of Thomas Buckland 4 acres in Windsor. Also "of his brothers Jonathan and David, both jointly, all that land that was their father's, Robert Winchel, deceased, and was bequeathed to them and made over to them, as it lies on the westerly side of the common highway or street, as it lies bounded easterly against the common street, in breadth twenty-three rod and half, more or less, and is bounded north on the land of John Denslow and south by land of Thomas Dible, Senr., and for the length of it, from the common street until it comes over the wood swamp to the land of George Phillips Stoughton, and may be in quantity sixteen acres more or less. "This made over. Witness, Matthew Grant."

Under same date Nathanael pays off the mortgage made by his father to Abigail Alcott, and thus comes into possession of two parcels of land. Nathanael was now sole proprietor of the estate left by his father.

  • Sept. 11, 1677. Nathanael obtained from Samuel Gaylord of Windsor, by exchange, two parcels of land, 5 acres, on the west side, and one parcel on the east side of the river. Certified to him by the town officers 7 June, 1684.
  • Feb. 27, 1679. Nathanael sold John Osborn, Jr., one acre on the east side of the river. (Bk. I. p. 31,)
  • Feb. 22, 1681. Nathanael bought of John Gaylord for 39 pounds, 10 acres on east side -- ten rods on the river and 3 miles 10 rods east.
  • He signed, May 13, 1680, along with 89 others, a petition addressed to "The Honored, the Genl. Assembly of ye Colony of Connecticut," asking the establishment of an organized town on the east side of the Connecticut River and the institution of the Second Church of Windsor.

His wife Sarah, like most women of her time, was unable to sign her name. She was admitted to the Windsor Church, Aug. 1671. Savage says her father was of Hartford, but he may have moved thither after Sarah's marriage.

A Sarah Winchel, of Windsor, married Joseph Judd, of Farmington, 3 June, 1713 (Farmington Town Records). As Nathanael's wife was only 53 at the time his death, and her own relatives belonged in Farmington, this was probably Nathanael's widow. (The Winchell Genealogy)

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