Person:Nathaniel Scott (6)

Nathaniel Scott
d.Abt 1742
Facts and Events
Name Nathaniel Scott
Gender Male
Marriage to Anne (add)
Property[3] 2 July 1707 Queen Anne's, Maryland, United Statestraded “Jackson’s Choice”, “The Fork”, and “Cold Harbour” for “Sayer’s Range Addition”
Other[2] 1720-1721 Queen Anne's, Maryland, United Statesnamed executor in will of Abraham Oldham and guardian of Oldham's children
Will[1] 16 Feb 1738 Queen Anne's, Maryland, United StatesWill written
Death[1] Abt 1742
Probate[1] 15 Jul 1742 Queen Anne's, Maryland, United States

A person of interest for the Scott DNA Family in Georgia, Maryland, and North Carolina

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    Folio 180, Nathaniel Scott
    Will written 16 Feb 1738, probated 15 Jul 1742
    1) Anne Scott, wife – use of testator’s dwelling plantation for widowhood and no longer
    - use of testator’s personal estate for natural life, to be divided between sons John, Nathaniel and Solomon should she remarry, son William to receive nothing, “having already done what testator could for his son William”
    2) John Scott, son – 200 acres of land where testator now lives called “Partnership”
    3) William Young, cousin (son of William Young) – 50 acres of “Partnership” at the upper side of tract, by the great branch, on condition that he pay proportional amount of any charges should any suit be brought against the land.
    4) Solomon Scott, son – “Scott’s Enclosure” that lies on the southeast side of the main road that leads from the bridge by testator’s dwelling plantaion to the bridge called Jarmon’s Bridge
    5) John Young, brother-in-law – remainder of “Scott’s Enclosure” lying on the northeastern side of the road above mentioned provided any suit he will pay 500 pounds tobacco that is now due the testator and all rents now due his Lordship from the beginning
    6) Nathaniel Scott, son – 100 acres of tract “Tom’s Fancy Enlarged” and to have 1st choice after land is divided by Testator’s son John
    7) Sophia Scott, dau – to have part of “Toms Fancy Enlarged” after Nathaniel makes his choice
    8) William Godwin, grandson – 100 acres “Toms Fancy Enlarged”; should he die without heirs then to his next brother, and if no brother then to his sister
    9) Ann Earle, dau – 40 acres of “Toms Fancy Enlarged”
    10) William Scott – to have no share of personal estate having all that testator could do for him already
    Witnesses: Thomas Hynson Wright, Alexander Abercrombie, Joshua Lawrence

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    Folio 175, Abraham Oldham, planter
    Will written 17 Jan 1720, probated 28 April 1721
    Bequests to:
    1) Nathaniel Scott, Sr.,
    - Anne Scott his wife
    - to have full charge and bring up testator’s three children until they come of age
    - named executor
    2) John Oldham, son, and Abraham Oldham son lately born
    3) Mary Oldham, dau
    4) Thomas Oldham, brother
    Witnesses: Stephen Rich, Henry Oldham, John Young

  3. Leonard, R. Bernice (Rosetta Bernice). Queen Anne's County, Maryland, land records. (St. Michaels, Maryland: R.B. Leonard, 1992-), Vol. E.T. A 1707-1713; p. 1, Secondary quality.

    Folio 003
    2 July 1707
    Charles Blake to
    Nathaniel Scott, Planter
    In exchange for 3 tracts called “Jackson’s Choice”, “The Fork”, and “Cold Harbour”
    Scott received 500 acres, “Sayer’s Range Addition” granted by Charles, Lord Calvert ot Peter Sayers – south side of Red Lyon Brach, south side of Chester River
    Witnesses: Christopher Philipson, Tristram Thomas