Person:Nathaniel Joslin (7)

Nathaniel Joslin
b.12 Jun 1627 London, England
m. EST 1613
  1. Abraham JosselynEst 1615 - Bef 1670
  2. Rebecca Josselyn1617 - 1675
  3. Mary Joslin1619 - BEF 1634
  4. Dorothy JoslinAbt 1624 - 1645
  5. Nathaniel Joslin1627 - 1694
  6. Elizabeth JoslinAbt 1629 -
  7. Mary Joslin1633/34 - 1711
m. Bef 1657
  1. Child JoslinAbt 1657 - 1657
  2. Nathaniel Joslin1658 - 1726
  3. Sarah Joslin1660 - 1723
  4. Dorothy Joslin1661/62 -
  5. Peter Joslin1665/66 - 1759
  6. Elizabeth Joslin1667 - 1731
  7. Rebecca Joslin1672 - 1731
  8. Martha JoslinAbt 1676 - 1768
Facts and Events
Name[3][4] Nathaniel Joslin
Alt Name Nathaniel Josselyn
Gender Male
Birth[1] 12 Jun 1627 London, England
Marriage Bef 1657 Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesBased on birth of eldest known child
to Sarah Ann King
Other[2] 1673 Freeman
Death[1][2][4][5] 8 Apr 1694 Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
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    Nathaniel Joslin, s/o Thomas Josselyn and Rebecca Marlowe [sic, Rebecca Jude], b. London 12 Jun 1627, d. Marlborough 8 Apr 1694, m. 1656 Sarah King, d/o Thomas and Bridget King.
    [Note: none of the sources below give this date, nor does the much newer article on Rebecca Jude (not cited here, in NEHGR 158:333), despite finding baptismal records for several of Rebecca's children. The other sources only use Nathaniel's age at emigration to estimate his birth. Given that this work includes some errors (such as naming the wife Rebecca Marlowe) and doesn't seem to be original research as much as a survey of other (unspecified) sources, further confirmation would be desirable.]

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    [JOSSELYN, JOCELYN, JOSTLIN, or JOSLIN] "NATHANIEL, Hingham, s. of Thomas, b. in Eng. rem. 1654 to Lancaster, freem. 1673, m. Sarah, d. of Thomas King of Marlborough, wh. d. 2 July 1706, had Elizabeth b. 7 June 1657, d. next mo.; Nathaniel, 21 June 1658, d. in 9 yrs.; Sarah, 16 July 1660; Dorothy, 4 Mar. 1663; Peter, 22 Feb. 1666; and Rebecca, 14 May 1672, beside ano. Nathaniel, ano. Elizabeth and Martha, all liv. 3 Mar. 1694, the date of his will. After destruct. of L. he rem. to Marlborough, there d. 8 Apr. 1694"

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    Children of Thomas Joslin and Rebecca Jude: 5) Nathaniel Joslin, b. abt. 1627 (aged 8 on 17 Apr 1635 [citing Source:Hotten, John Camden. Original Lists of Persons of Quality (285925) ]), m. bef 1657 Sarah King (Daughter "Sarah Joselin" mentioned in will of Thomas King of Marlborough dated 12 Mar 1675/76.)

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    Children of Thomas Joslin and Rebecca ---: 4) Nathaniel, b. abt. 1626, d. Marlborough 8 Apr 1694, m. 1656 Sarah King. He took the freeman's oath at Lancaster 8 Oct 1672. After the massacre by the Indians there in 1675/6 he moved to Marlborough where he spent the remainder of his life.

  5. Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Marlborough, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Worcester, Massachusetts: Franklin P. Rice, 1908), 374.

    Joslin, Nathaniel Sr., April 3, 1694.
    [Note: in Source:Nourse, Henry Stedman. Birth, Marriage, and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1643-1850, p. 20, in a section entitled "Deaths of Sundry Early Proprietors and Residents of Lancaster as Attested by Wills, Inventories, Diaries, Records of Other Towns, Et Cetera", the death date for Nathaniel is given as 8 Apr 1694. The Lancaster records were published in 1890, about 18 years before the Marlborough records, so presumably, the compiler was using the original records to collect this information. The 8 Apr 1694 date seems to be cited in all the sources above, and in addition, by a NEHGR article, p. 2:306 (1848), which, like the Lancaster records, would have predated the published Marlborough VRs (in this case by about 60 years) and probably would have needed to refer to the original records. Thus, the date given here, 3 Apr 1694, appears to be a transcription error.]