Person:Nathaniel Flint (11)

Facts and Events
Name Capt. Nathaniel Flint
Gender Male
Birth? 29 May 1750 North Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Death? 8 Sep 1828 New Boston, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United States
  1.   Genealogy and HIstory of the State of New Hamsphire, 629.

    Captain Nathaniel (2), eldest child of Nathaniel (
    i) and Hepzibah (Woodward) Flint, was
    born May 29, 1750. He resided for a time in Manchester,
    from whence he removed to New Boston,
    New Hampshire, early in the last century, and resided
    there for the remainder of his life, which terminated
    September 8, 1828. In early life he followed
    the sea, and was master of a vessel. While serving
    in the revolutionary war he was wounded, and captured
    by the British, who sent him a prisoner to
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, but with others he made his
    escape by digging a hole in the wall with an old
    bayonet found in their cell, and finally reached home.
    The hardship and exposure suffered while a prisoner
    and during the long journey through the wilderness
    were the direct cause of a rheumatic affection, from
    which he never recovered, and in his latter years he
    was a helpless invalid. He was married January
    5. 1805. to Abigail Allen, of Wcnham, Massachusetts,
    who was born October 20, 1776. and died January
    26. 1865. She was the mother of «even children.
    whose names were: Hcpzibah, Abigail, Nathaniel.
    William Allen, Lydia Ann. Olive Louise and Joseph

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