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Nancy L. or Lousie N. Turner
m. 14 May 1895
Facts and Events
Name Nancy L. or Lousie N. Turner
Gender Female
Birth? 1 Apr 1849 Cartersville, Polk County, Georgia
Marriage 14 May 1895 Etowah County, Alabamato Daniel (Grainger) Nix
Death? 8 Jun 1928 Etowah County, Alabama (Cemetery #92) (79y, 2m, 8d)Age: 79y, 2m, 8d
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The State of Alabama L.L. Herzberg Etowah County Probate Court

	L.L. Herzbert, Judge	February 7, 1912

And now on this day comes Louisa N. Nix and presents to the court her petition in writing and under oath praying that Letters of Administration on the estate of Daniel Nix deceased isue to her said Louisa N Nix which petition is examined by the court and ordered to be filed and recorded; and it appearing to the court from the allegation contained in said petition and from other good and sufficient evidence that the said Daniel Nix departed this life in Etowah County Ala. on or about the 14th day of January 1912 being at the time of his death an inhabitant of Etowah County, Alabama that he died leaving assets in this county which assets both real and personal are estimated to be worth about twenty two hundred seventy 100/100 but leaves no will testiment or other writing relating to the disposal or distribution of his estate and that the death of said decadent was known more than fifteen days before this day.

And it further appearing to the satisfaction of the court that said Louisa N Nix the said petitioner is the widor of said deceased is over twenty one years of age an inhabitant of this state and a fit person under the law and in the estimation of the court to serve as Administratrix of said estate and no person having appeared to oppose the granting of Letters of Administration to the said Louisa N. Nix or to show cause why the prayer of said petition should not be granted, it is ordered that the same be granted provided that the said Louisa N Nix first file in this court her bond in the p??al sur?? Of five hundred dollars conditional and payable according to the statute in such cases made and provided with such security or securities as may be approved by the court.

This further ordered that the said petition be recorded.

And now again comes said Louise N. Nix and presents to the court for approval her bond in form as by the court heretofore required with Levi B. Turner & BH Ellison as her securities thereon and the court being now sufficiently advised concerning said bond and said security it is ordered and adjudged and desired by the court that Letters of Administration on the estate of said deceased be ????? are hereby granted to the said Louisa N. Nix and that sh? She be ???????? is further ordered that the said Louisa N. Nix proceed immediately to collect and take into her possession the goods & chattels money book papers and evidences of debt of said deceased except the personal property reserved to the widow and make due return under oath to this court of a full inventory these of within sixty days it is further ordered that Levi B. Turner, WT Burton & JW ??rry be and they are hereby appointed appraisers of the personal property of said estate and that a warrant of Appraisement be issued to them notifying them of their appointments and that they make due return to this court under oath of their proceedings within sixty days.

L.L. Herzbert

Judge of Probate

Need to do some checking, Nancy E. turner is listed in 1880 census, Etowah County, District 68 Township 12 Family #72 0n Page 8 Date 12 June 1880 in the family of Levi Turner Age 66 Wife Elizabeth age 61 sister Margaret age 29 Both dau. single. This must be the correct Nancy since latter when Daniel Dies you find Levi Turner signing the Probate of Daniel's Will to his widow Nancy. Only problem is in the difference in MI; L. vs E. and the birth dates. I have her born in 1849 while this census would have her born in 1854. Check the DoB in the cementary listings. Visit the cemetary on the Attalla to Birmingham Highway to read the head stone.

Levi could be some relative ou\ther than her Father. According to her Civil War pension application her Father died in the Civil War.

Full Context of Alabama Marriages, 1800-1920 Viewing records 54304-54304 of 149224 Matches ��<< Previous 10 |�Next 10>> Spouse 1: Daniel Nix Spouse 2: Nancy L. Turner Marriage Date: 14 May 1895 Marriage Place: Etowah Surety/Bond Date: � Performed By: Minister of Gospel Surety/Perf. Name: J. B. Washburn OSPage: 263 Comment: �

1900 Census Alabama Etowah County, Union/Wasrrior, <www.Ancestry,Com>. The entire Nix family is living along this road, James Russell as a servent to the Humphries, Daniel with only Audie, Louisa P, With all of the children except Grover, after Harrison died. Nannie Nix, Widdow of David S. with all of her family, and Daniel with Nancy his second wife.

1910 census shows them still living in the same house same data. Age 83 which agrees and under block 18, Trade he entered "Own Income".

According to her Confederate widow's pension application, Nancy reported her husband died 14 Jan 1912; she claimed she was born 1 Apr 1849 near Cartersville at Polk County, Georgia, daughter of John Turner who died in Rock Island prison in 1864; she claimed she married Daniel Nix 14 May 1895 in Etowah County; application witnesses included E.B. Robbins and E.G. Robbins, both of Etowah County; pension was approved.
From the Robin Sterling Site

From: Subject: Re: Could you tell me what you think?? Date: January 30, 2006 5:54:27 PM CST To:

I just did a quick scan of the Turner's for you and didn't see Nancy. I'm going to list briefly the one's for cemetery #92 here, but will scan the pages (about three in all) of all the Turners. I will have to do that either some evening this week or Sunday for sure. Something happened at work this past weekend and I got left in charge, permanently. I'm having to work six days this week to cover the office.

Turners in Cemetery #92 (Shiloh Cemetery, Attalla, AL)

Turner, Alice b. 19 Oct 1861 d. 1 Sep 1893 Turner, Anna Wood b. 16 Jul 1877 d. 21 Mar 1957 Turner, Eleanor b. 7 Sep 1890 d. 3 Jan 1974 Turner, Elijah T. b. 13 May 1861 d. 31 Jan 1934 Turner, Elvis Edward b. 10 Sep 1977 d. 24 Jul 1978 Turner, Guy b. Dec 16 1912 d. 4 Sep 1916 Turner, J. F. b. 29 Mar 1839 d. 27 May 1915 Turner, James b. 24 Aug 1929 d. 16 Oct 1936 Turner, Jessie Pearl b. 6 Nov 1885 d. 14 Oct 1887 Turner, John D. 26 Mar 1862 d. 29 Aug 1931 Turner, John F. 1839 d. 1915 Turner, John Henry b. 13 Jan 1875 14 Aug 1950 Turner, L. A. b. 11 Sep 1829 d. 1 Aug 1871 Turner, L. B. b. 18 Jul 1850 d. 26 Aug 1926 Turner, Maggie L. b. 7 Mar 1864 d. 2 Aug 1935 Turner, Mary Jane b. 17 Sep 1834 d. 15 Mar 1908 Turner, Norma J. b. 11 Aug 1922 d. 24 Jan 1925 Turner, Norman J. b. 06 Sep 1890 d. 23 Sep 1967 Turner, R. G. G. b. 25 Feb 1856 d. 25 Oct 1856 Turner, Ralph Curtis b. and d. 03 May 1976 (There are question marks next to the birth and death date on this one. Not sure why.) Turner, Williene b. 15 Nov 1901 d. 18 Mar 1930 Last Turner listed for Shiloh Cemetery....

Will scan the actual pages this weekend when I'm off.


Census > U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Etowah > Clear Creek > District 109, Imge 3 of 10, Line 39, Rockey Hollow Road, Line 39, FM, 27/27, Turner, L. B. Head, M, W, 68, Wd, Georgia, Georgia,, Georgia, Farmer

Nicks, Nell, Sister, F, W, 71, Wd, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

This is the correct age for Daniel's second wife, but everything else is slightly off. Spelling of last name, and first name. She was born in Georgia and also her parents. Now see if I can find her and her brother in georgia before the civil war at home with Parents. In 1860 she would be 11 and brother 8. Both should be home.

U.S. Census > 1860 United States Federal Census > Alabama > St Clair > Township 13 Range 5 East, Image 7 of 7, Line 38, 118/116

Turner, John, 35, M, Farmer, SC,

         , Lydiann, 30, F, Housewife, Georgia, 
         , Nancy L., 11, F, Georgia.

This is the last family on this page and also the last page in this section. A brother is not shown,

U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Etowah > Township 12 Range 5, (added in different handwriting, Dillards Beat, Prect 15.), Line 25, 144/147, Turner, L.A. 21, F, W, Keeping house, Georgia,

         , Nancy L. 21, F, W, At Home, Georgia, 
         , Leri, 20, M, W, In Farm, Georgia, 
         , Elizabeth, 18, F, W, Alabama, 
         , Ellen, 12, F, W, Alabama, 
         , Martha C., 11, F, W, Alabama, 
         , James E. 10, M, W, Alabama, 
         , John D. 6, M, W, Alabama 

Copy of cemetery records from Earlene. She had copied it from Gadsden Libirary. A- 929.5 NINETY Etowah County, Alabama Cemeteries 1998

Nix, N. L. (Mrs.) b 4-1-189 ; d 6-8-1926 Cemetery #92

  1. 92 Shiloh United Baptist Cemetery, Attalla, Etowah County, Alabama,

Travel Highway 11 South Attalla, Alabama, 5 Mi SW of Attalla on Highway 11.

Good Morning Earlene: It took a while, but I am ready to say for sure that Daniel's second wife, Nancy Louise Turner is not buried at Moodys even though she has her name on the head stone. It took me a while but here is the rest of the story. In 1860 at age 11, she was living with her parents John and Lydiann Turner in the part of St Clair County that would become Etowah County after the Civil War. That would be across Tumblin Gap from Warrior Valley. She is not shown with any siblings and the listing is the last family on the last page of that section of the census. But as I found latter there were sibblings. Either the enumerator was lazy and did not want to start another page for the last few of the last family or it was lost by the many other people that handle that part of the census. By 1870 she is living in another part of what appears to be Greasy Cove which is now in Etowah County. She is without her father who had died during the Civil War, but she was living with her mother and sibblings, several that should have appeared on the 1860 census. Elizabeth Ann Holden, the first wife of Daniel Nix, died on 8 June 1893 and Daniel married Nancy on 14 May 1895. He would have been about 68 and she was 46. It would appear that he felt that he needed a nurse for his final years. (Check math, he was 22 years older than she was.) Daniel lived for another 14 years and died 3 Jan 1912. After studying the monument at Moodys it appears that Daniel purchased it and had it installed before he died. He had his name, Elizabeth Ann and their single daughter Martha Frances cut on the stone. Martha Frances died 8 June 1893 , after her mother but before her father. Daniel also left a place for his second wife and had her name cut on the stone, but the DoD was never cut. After Daniel died Nancy is found living in Greasy Cove, Etowah County with her younger brother L.B. Turner on the 1920 census. She is 71 and her brother is 68. Several years ago Earlene sent me some pages from the Etowah County Alabama Cemeteries that she had copied. In the Alpha Order listing there is a record for Nix, N. L. (Mrs), DoB 4-1-1848, DoD 6-8- 1926. Everything matches my listing for Nancy except I have the year of death as 1928, I will check that source. The cemetery is #92 which is Shiloh United Baptist Cemetery, Attalla, Etowah County, Alabama. The directions given are: Highway #11 south of Attalla, Alabama, 5 miles SW of Attalla on Highway 11. It seems reasonable that the Turner family would bury their member in their own cemetery. It had been 14, (or 16 years since her husband had died), and she had spent that time living with Turner family members. The Cemetery at Shiloh was not much more distant than Moodys and there was no mountain to cross. It would be nice to have a picture of her stone at Shiloh, if there is one, to round out this story.