Person:Nancy McKee (8)

Nancy E McKee
b.1834 Tennessee
m. 28 Jul 1831
  1. Nancy E McKee1834 - 1855
  2. Henrietta R McKee1836 - 1918
  3. Mary Ann McKee1838 - 1925
  4. Eliza Elmansey McKee1841 - 1915
  5. Henry Clay McKee1843 - 1928
  6. Sarah Francis McKee1847 - 1925
  7. John P McKee1849 -
  8. Joseph G McKee1851 - 1931
  9. James Thomas McKee1853 - 1941
Facts and Events
Name Nancy E McKee
Gender Female
Birth? 1834 Tennessee
Death? 1 Dec 1855 Greene County, Missouri

Nancy E. Mckee was born in Tennessee 1834. Nancy died December 1, 1855in Greene County, Missouri, at 21 years of age. Nancy E. McKee BurialNancy E. McKee/Owen died almost two years after her marriage to JesseWade Owen. She is buried in the Julian/Fulbright/Owen Family Cemeterylocated in Section 3, Township 29N, Range 22W, 3rd North CampbellTownship, Greene County, Missouri. The cemetery is located on Kansasjust north of I-44 left/west on FR 139, the outer road, north about 1mile to Ritter school building. On the west side of the road from RitterSchool, the graves are BC mile north on FR 139 on the west side of theroad under 3 large cedar trees next to the fence.

Solomon H. Owen first patented this land in 1838 and lived here until hisdeath. He was appointed county judge in 1837 and was afterwards electedto the same office. His son, J. S. Owen, ex-sheriff of Greene County,also lived on this land until the time of his death. The cemetery is allbut destroyed, with many stones now missing. The cemetery has beenfenced, but now the fence is gone and is all part of pasture where cattlerun at will. In June 1957 Mildred "Mickey" Atwood, now deceased was atthis cemetery and took pictures before the cemetery was destroyed.

There is an infant buried here as well. The stone says "Owen s/o E. & J.W. Owen." The only readable birth date is the month, December. The dateof death is June 24, 1854. It appears this is the son of Nancy E. andJesse W., however, the child would have been born before the couplemarried. Her body was interred December 1855 in Greene County, Missouri,Julian/Owen/Fulbright Cemetery. The headstone reads "1st w/o Jesse WadeOWEN."