Person:Moses Rowley (1)

Moses Rowley
b.est 1632
m. ABT 1624
  1. Sarah Rowley1625 - bef 1705
  2. Rebecca RowleyAbt 1631 -
  3. Moses Rowleyest 1632 - bet 1704
m. 22 Apr 1652
  1. Mary Rowley1653 -
  2. Moses Rowley1654 - 1735
  3. Unknown Rowley1656 - 1656
  4. Unknown Rowleyest 1658 - 1682
  5. Shuball Rowley1660 - 1714
  6. Mehitable Rowley1660/1 - 1732
  7. Sarah Rowley1662 -
  8. Nathan RowleyAbt 1664 - 1742
  9. Aaron Rowley1666 - 1743
  10. John Rowley1667 - 1705
  11. Mathew RowleyAbt 1669 - 1705
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Moses Rowley
Alt Name Moses Rowley, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] est 1632 London or Plymouth
Marriage 22 Apr 1652 Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United Statesto Elizabeth Fuller
Death[2][3] bet 16 Aug 1704 and 15 Jun 1705 East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States (probably)Between date of will and date of inventory.
Will[2][3] 16 Aug 1704
Probate[2][3] 8 Mar 1705 Will proved.
Estate Inventory[2][3] 15 Jun 1705 £68-10-03. Taken by William Spencer and Thomas "X" Crippen.
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    "Moses (Rowley), b. say 1632; m. Barnstable 22 April 1652 Elizabeth Fuller [PCR 8:471, daughter of Matthew Fuller [MF 4:10-12]."

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    "2. Moses2 Rowley (Henry1), b. probably before 1630; d. 1705, at East) Haddam, Conn.; m. April 22, 1652, at Barnstable, Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Matthew Fuller. She survived her husband and d. in (East) Haddam or Colchester after 1714. The earliest mention of Moses2 Rowley is found in the will of William Palmer, the elder, of Duxbury, dated Nov. 7, 1637, which is recorded in Vol I, fol. 28 of Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, and has been printed. (See Mayflower Descendant for July, 1900, p. 147). ‘I would have myne Execut's as as in conscience they are pswaded out of the remaynder of my estate deale wth Rebecca my Grandchild and Moyses Rowly whom I love but not so as to put it into their father or mother's hands but p'serve it for them till they come to yeares of Discretion … also I would have yeong Rowly to be placed wth mr Partridge that hee might be brought up in the feare of God, and to that end if his father suffer it I give mr Partridge five pounds.' March 7, 1653-4 Moses Rowley was allowed a cow out of the estate of William Palmer, deceased, of Plymouth (Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. Ill, p. 45.)

    In 1657 he took the freeman's oath at Barnstable. From that date until 1681 I find no sure trace of him. In that year he was a constable, and was occupying lands at Succonessett (Falmouth). He was a deputy to the General Court in 1692, under the new charter according to Savage, and yet he must at that time have been thinking of removal, for I find (East Haddam Deeds, Vol I, p. 554) that Moses Rowley, Senior, 'late of Saquanesset, now of Machimodus in Haddam,' bought 60 acres of land of Jonathan Gilbert, originally laid out to John Henderson of Haddam, deceased. The date of this deed is May 3, 1692, and there is another deed dated Oct. 4, 1693, which names Moses2 Rowley. An agreement of the heirs of James Bates of Haddam, dated Feb. 1691-2, refers to 'mony in moses rowlyes and John Ackley's hands, to be reserved to pay debts with.' These records indicate that he removed to Haddam as early as 1691. That his wife Elizabeth disapproved of the removal is clear, for in 1714 she made a deed in which she declared that she had been left without support and dependent upon the bounty of her sons John Fuller and Moses Rowley, and conveyed to them all her right of dower to lands in Falmouth, which her husband had sold to the Parkers without her consent."

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    "Probate Records. Vol. VII, 1700 to 1710. Page 144-5.

    Rowley, Moses, Sen., Haddam. Invt. £68-10-03. Taken 15 June, 1705, by William Spencer and Thomas "X" Crippen. Will dated 16 August, 1704.

    I, Moses Rowley, do make this my last will and testament: My will is that, my just debts being paid, the remainder to be disposed of as followeth: As for the rest of my children, I have done what hath been with me, and now I have no expectation of being any more capable to help myself, wherefore I do give and bequeath my land unto my son Moses Rowly, that is to say, my half of the lot I now live upon. The other half I have given already to my son Matthew. To be equally divided between my sons Moses and Matthew. I also give unto my son Moses that £25 right that I formerly gave to Matthew, which my son Matthew hath lovingly resigned up again to me. I give to my daughter Mehetabell Fuller all my moveables, both stock and household stuff, whether without door or within. I give half of my young mare to my son Matthew. My will further is, and it is upon the account of not only what my sons Moses Rowley and John Fuller hath done for me and been kind to me, but especially their willingness to take the care of me and my wife during our natural lives, and I do expect that care and kindness of them that is meet and needful both to myself and my wife, and I therefore have done what I have done to oblige them what I can, and do repose my trust, next unto God, upon these my two sons Moses Rowley and John Fuller for what I shall and for what my wife shall stand in need of between this and the grave. I appoint my sons, Moses Rowley and John Fuller, executors.


    Witness: John Chapman, Matthew X Rowley, Mary X Crippen.

    Court Record, Page 77―8 March, 1705-6: Will proven."