Person:Moses Driskill (2)

Moses Driskill , Jr
b.Nov 6, 1729 Somerset Co., MD
d.aft June 1787 Worcester Co., MD
m. Feb 4, 1712/1713
  1. Rachel Toadvine1717 -
  2. William Driskill, Sr.1719 - aft 1790
  3. Ann Brice1720 -
  4. Mary Driskell1723 -
  5. Comfort Hill1726 -
  6. Moses Driskill , Jr1729 - aft 1787
  7. Elgate Driskill, Sr.1736 - 1794
m. bef 1751
  1. Moses Driskill, IIIBef 1759 - Bef 1827
  2. Aaron Driskillabt 1760-1765 - 1827
Facts and Events
Name Moses Driskill , Jr
Gender Male
Birth? Nov 6, 1729 Somerset Co., MDStepney Parish records
Marriage bef 1751 Worcester Co., MDto Ann Williams
Death? aft June 1787 Worcester Co., MD

--GaleB 08:20, 24 January 2008 (EST) There were 3 Moses Driskell's in a direct line, this is Moses Jr/ii. He was married to Ann Williams, dau of Charles. Following is Charles Williams will:

Worcester Co., MD, Oct 31, 1751 Will Bk JW#2, pg 184 - Charles Williams Sr. of Worcester Co., MD. To son Charles, grandson Charles (son of Charles), grandson Issac (son of Henry), son Joseph, son George, son Joshua, wife Jane. Grandaughter, Nicey Hill. Son-in-law Moses Duske, dau Ann Duske. Moses Driskell was executor with the widow Jane. Probated Sept 20, 1757.

We know this is Moses JR because Moses Sr was still married to Katherine when he died in 1755. Katherine was still living in 1758 when she deeds to son William. After the death of his father, Moses Jr becomes Moses Sr and his son, Moses iii, becomes Jr in the various records.

Driskells Hazzard surveyed for Moses Driskell on Aug. 4, 1764. Cert# 821 was issued Feb. 13, 1766. Land was in Wicomico Forest near plantation of William Driskell.

Worcester Co., MD, Liber H, pg 530-531, March 2,1771 Moses sold land called Driskells Hazzard, 388 acres, to Thomas Carberry of Somerset Co. The deed was acknowledged by Elizabeth, wife of Moses, and she gave her consent. My Note: Elizabeth might be a 2nd wife.

We also know Moses Jr/ii had sons, Moses and Aaron, because he deeds parts of Kinsale to each of them and calls them his sons.

Deed Bk M, pg. 198-199 Worcester Co., MD, June 6, 1787 Moses Driskell Senr of the county of Worcester and state of Maryland on the one part and Moses Driskell Junr son of the above named Moses Driskell Senr of the same county and state of the other part for the sum of fifty pounds current money paid by Moses Driskell Junr the receipt of which the said Moses Driskell Senr doth by these presents acknowledge, he hath given granted bargained Sold...unto the said Moses Driskell Junr and his heirs and Executors administrators...the lands and premises hereinafer mentioned being part of a tract of land called KINGSALE lying and being in the county aforesaid....between the land of a certain Elgate Driskell and the land of the above named Moses Driskell Senr.....125 acres more or less together wih all appertunces unto the said land...

Moses (M his mark) Driskell (Seal) Signed Sealed and delivered In presence of us Ebanazor Handy, James Selby

Deed Bk M, pg. 112 Worcester Co., MD, March 8, 1787 This Indenture made this eighth day of March in this year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven Between Moses Driskell Senr of the county of Worcester and state of Maryland of the one part and Aaron Driskell of the same county and state son of the above named Moses Driskell of the other part Witnesseth that the said Moses Driskell Senr for and in consideration of the naural love and affection which he hath ..?...for the said Aaron Driskell and for the better maintenance and livlihood of him, the said Aaron Driskell, hath given granted(?) and confirmed and by these presents doth give grant.....and confirm unto the said Aaron Driskell, his heirs and assigns, one hundred acres of land lying and being upon a tract of land called KINSALE upon the South West side of the tract running from the division line beween Elgitt Driskell and Moses Driskell Senr to a marked red oak being the first bounder of the original tract of Kinsale lying and being in the county aforesaid together with all the appertunances unto the said land belonging or in any manner appertaining unto the said Aaron Driskell his heirs assigns executors forever To have and to hold the said lands hereby granted and conveyed...the aforesd lands and premises... Moses (X his mark) Driskill (Seal) Signed Sealed and delivered In presence of us Phillip Quinton, Wm Handy

Store Accounts of John Nelms of Salisbury 1758-1787 Compiled by John E. Jacob, Jr. 1990

DRISKELL Moses (7 January, 1767 to 12 ~ 1786) Bought run cordial, linen, thread and molasses. Gave James Cathell credit for 1/2/9. Total account 2/10/0. Delivered corn for 1/6/0 and carried balance of 1/4/0 to Ledger E.

DRISKELL Moses, Sr. (probably same as Moses alone) Bought piece goods and thread, door bolts and staples, iron skillets, fire irons, trace ropes, rum, pipes, a doe skin and gave credits to Samuel Davis, Elijah Vinsen, Betty Hitch and Nelms' negro Phyllis. Mentions son and son-in-law. Total account 12/13/6. Paid in cash and pork in 1776 and 1777. Gave joint notes for 37/9/11 with Moses Jr. and Aaron Driskell in 1786.

DRISKELL Moses, Jr. (3 February, 1775 to 12 September, 1786) Carried balance of 3/3/3 fran ledger H. Bought a Dutch blanket and an iron pot in 1775 for a total of 4/15/7, which was paid in cash in 1777. Bought a half pound of snuff in 1786 not paid for in H. Gave note for 37/9/11 jointly with Moses Jr. and Aaron Driskell on their joint account in 1786.

DRISKELL, Aaron (4 July, 1786 to 7 July, 1787) Bought sundries as per day book for 4/12/5. Paid 1/2/0 in cash, delivered boards for 2/10/0 and gave note for 0/18/5. Had a joint account also with Moses Driskell, Sr. and Moses Jr. The partnership bought sundries for 37/9/11 in 1786 and gave their joint bond for that amount the same day.

  1.   I would like to find the identity of Moses son-in-law, as mentioned in the above store account, but nothing has surfaced yet. All we know is, he did have a daughter. Unfortunately, Moses did not leave a will...or, if he did it was lost.