Person:Moses Driskell (2)

Moses Driskell
m. by 1751
  1. Mary Driskill (2)
  2. Rachel Driskill
  3. John Driskillabt 1740-1750 - aft 1795
  4. Shadrack Driskillabt 1745-1750 - aft 1796
  5. Adam Driskillabt 1750-1755 -
  6. Vileter Driskillbef 1755 - aft 1808
  7. William Driskill, Jr1756 - aft 1820
  8. Nancy Driskillabt 1760-1765 -
  9. Moses Driskellabt 1770 -
  • HMoses Driskellabt 1770 -
  1. Samuel Driskell1799 -
  2. Layton Driskellabt 1812 -
Facts and Events
Name Moses Driskell
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1770 Worcester Co., MD

--GaleB 20:22, 8 June 2008 (EDT)The only reason I have included a Moses, son of William SR, is because the 1808 deed naming heirs of William includes the name Moses Driskell. I have found no other reference to a Moses, son of William, in the Maryland records. My question is, was this William's brother Moses or William's son who was named as heir? The assumption is this was a son named Moses, but assumptions are often wrong.

There was a Moses living in Rockingham and Caswell Counties North Carolina, born about 1770, who MAY be the same person mentioned in the Maryland deed but this is pure theory. As yet, nothing has turned up to link this Moses to Maryland. The likely proof for this line would come from DNA testing of a descendant of Samuel Driskell, who moved to Missouri, believed to be the son of this Moses.

The earliest record is a deed in Rockingham Co. bet. Wm. Bradberry and Samuel Dick dated Sep 1797. One of the witnesses is Moses Driskill.

Moses appears on the 1800 Rockingham Co., NC census with: 1-male 26-45 (Moses); 1-female age 26-45 (his wife); and 1 male under 10.

In 1830 Moses is listed on the Caswell Co., NC census as Moses Drischall with: 1 male 15-20; 1 male 20-30 years; 1 male 60-70(Moses), 1 female 70-80 (wife of Moses)

The 1840 Census for Rockingham Co., NC (pg.152-A) lists Mosy Driskel with: 1-male 70-80; 1-male 20-30; 1-female 20-30

The Lick Fork Primitive Baptist Church was established in eastern Rockingham County, NC in 1786. It is situated only about a mile west of the Caswell County line. Unfortunately there were no records at all for the years 1828 through 1844 and the records for the years following were not legible. Here are some excerpts from the Minutes:

October 1809---Brother John Matthews to cite Moses Driskel to attend the next church meeting.

November 1810---Wm. Cole and Criswell Key appointed to talk with Driskel about his non-attendance.

January 1811---Bro. Driskel made his excuse and was continued in fellowship.

March 1813---Bro. Reid to cite Bro. Driskel.

March 1820---Bro. Driskel dismissed by letter and received again.

August 1824---Isabella Driskel joined by experience. Also, Sam Driskel joined by experience.