Person:Miriam Ingram (1)

Miriam Ingram
b.Abt 1642 Surrey, England
d.26 Aug 1682
  1. Isaac Ingram - Abt 1682
  2. Miriam IngramAbt 1642 - 1682
  • HHenry Short1647 - 1674
  • WMiriam IngramAbt 1642 - 1682
m. Abt 1662
  1. Anne Mary Short1656/57 - 1731
  2. Adam ShortBef 1682 -
  3. Miriam ShortAbt 1684 - Aft 1709
Facts and Events
Name Miriam Ingram
Married Name _____ Short
Gender Female
Birth[1] Abt 1642 Surrey, England
Marriage Abt 1662 Ford, Sussex, Englandto Henry Short
Death? 26 Aug 1682 At Sea
  1. Will Abstract of Isaac Ingram, in Wills: Abstracts, Book A : 1682 - 1699: Philadelphia Co, PA [1].

    INGRAM, Isaac. Late of Gaston and Surrey. Yeoman.
    July 26, 1682. ---. A.11
    Estate to Adam, Miriam and Anne Short, children of his deceased sister Miriam Short, and to the poor of the Quakers.
    Legacies to Jane Batchelor, Thomas Fitzwater, David Ogden, John Songhurst, Thomas Wynne, friend Ambrose Rigge of Galton, Surry Co.
    Signed with his mark onboard the Welcome, Robert Greenaway, master, bound for Pennsylvania.
    Executors: John Songhurst and Thomas Wynne.
    Witnesses: Richard Ingels, Zechariah Whitpaine, George Thompson.
    [NOTE: Date could be OS and therefore Sept. 26th 1682.]

  2.   George E. McCracken. The Welcom Claimants Proved, Disproved and doubtful

    [Miriam Ingram Short died on board the ship Welcome enroute to America. Her brother Issac had died a few days before Miriam did. He mentioned Miriam, Miriam Short, Ann Short and Adam Short in his will, which is on file in Philadelphia.

    Miriam and her children, Miriam, Ann, and Adam Jr sailed for America in 1682 on the ship "Welcome". Miriam and Adam Jr. died on board from Smallpox.]
    [cos1776 Note of Caution: Possible error - more research needed. The abstract 1 indicates that Miriam was dec'd when brother Isaac made his will. This could still support her August death date, if the abstract is using an old-style (O.S) date.]