Person:Millard Maloney (1)

Millard Fillmore Maloney
m. Nov 1877
  1. Malinda C. Maloney1879 -
  2. Katherine Maloney1880 - 1960
  3. Mary Maloney1882 - 1918
  4. Millard Fillmore Maloney1883 - Cal 1969
  5. Joseph Maloney1884 - 1966
  6. Zachary Taylor Maloney1891 - 1968
  7. Kelly Maloney1896 - 1907
Facts and Events
Name Millard Fillmore Maloney
Gender Male
Birth? Feb 1883 Jackson, Breathitt Co., KY
Death? Cal 1969 Hazard, Perry Co., KY

My great grandfather was Millard Fillmore, and he had four children by his wife Margaret Fletcher (Mac Maloney - lived in Jackson, MI but died in Ohio), Myrtle Minnick (lived in Jackson MI, Fort Wayne, and died in AZ), Ollie Campbell (lived and died in Lexington, KY) and Jeanette Budd (lived and died in Fort Wayne). Millard then married Carrie Trent and had Glenna "Dusty" Sentif (died in FL), Glenna Hayes (died in Stuart FL but lived in Sturgis MI), and Jean Pawlicki (my grandmother who just passed last month at age 90 and lived in Jackson, Michigan my home town). I knew my great aunts and uncles very well and I have much more information but am new to geneology sites. I am sorting through my notes that I took when talking to my grandmother and great aunts. My Aunt Jeanette shared that McDonaldson's wife's nickname was "Brownie" Bryant, and that he had kids in Ireland and went back to Ireland for 7 years before returning. He and his brother "Greenbury?" were preachers and he had red hair. I also have information about Margaret Fletcher, and in my notes a "Milliscent Birchum Maloney" was indicated as Millard's step-mother. My notes I took revealed that my aunt/grandma shared that "Molly was dating Uncle Taylor so she introduced Carrie Trent (my grandma's mom)to Millard." Carrie was 6 months pregnant with Edgar Smith (whose husband died in a coal mine fire). Millard shared that if she would help take care of his children he would be good to her child who was not yet born. After Edgar was born Sept. 1, 1919 my grandmother was born in Winding Gulf, WV on May 13th in 1921. Due to my grandmother's recent passing I started researching the Winding Gulf area when I came across this site. I will work to sift through my additional information and post it in the correct places. It was exciting to find that so much is already posted! Sandra Svoboda