Person:Miles Thomas (1)

Miles Earl Thomas, Jr.
m. 6 Mar 1912
  1. Clara Adline Thomas1914 - 2003
  2. Willard Cecil Thomas1915 - 2009
  3. Sarah Juanita Thomas1917 - 2003
  4. Miles Earl Thomas, Jr.1923 - 1997
  5. Mary Frances Thomas1926 - 1999
  6. Albury Thomas
Facts and Events
Name Miles Earl Thomas, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 25 Dec 1923 Winston, Alabama, United States
Death[1] 19 Jan 1997 Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States

Miles Thomas was born March 8, 1882 and died March 8, 1958. He lived his whole life in Cullman, Alabama. He married Emily and had nine children. Albury is the only child who is deceased. He died at age two. Willard is married and lives in Birmingham. Clara never married, but lives in Mobile. Juanita never married and lives with Clara in Mobile. Miles Jr. is a glass designer in Memphis Tennessee. Joe Thomas lives in Mobile and married Willie Melvin and is retired supervisor from a paper mill. Frances is the youngest and is married to a minister in Mobile. Miles married a second wife and from that marriage they had two sons, Clayburn and Harold. Harold is married and lives in Birmingham.

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