Person:Miguel Masias (1)

  1. Juan Francisco Masias
  2. Miguel MasiasABT 1761 - 1814
  3. Francisco MasiasABT 1765 -
  4. Josef MasiasABT 1774 -
  5. Francesca MasiasABT 1775 - 1811
  1. Maria Masias1807 -
  • HMiguel MasiasABT 1761 - 1814
  • WIsabel VieraABT 1770 - 1799
m. 29 SEP 1788
  1. Andrea Rosalia Masias1789 -
  2. Manuala_de la Conception Masias1791 -
  3. Miguel Balentin Masias1794 -
  4. Luisa Anastasia Masias1798 -
Facts and Events
Name Miguel Masias
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1761 , Ferde, , Canary Islands, Spain
Marriage 29 SEP 1788 , , Iberville, Louisiana,to Isabel Viera
Death[1] DEC 1814 , Baton Rouge, , Louisiana,
Burial[2][4] 27 DEC 1814 St. Joseph Cathedral, Baton Rouge, , Louisiana,
Reference Number? 142

No. 34 & 35 - Michel Massias claims a tract of land, situate in the county of Iberville, containing one hundred and twenty superficial arpents, bounded on the north by land of Thomas Collado, on the west by land of Diego Quintana, and on the other sides by vacant land.

  He also claims a lot of ground in Galveztown, containing ninety feet square, and fronting on Iberville street, bounded on the northeast by land of Augustin Lombardo, and by land of John Hernandez on the southeast.
  It appears to the Board, upon hte oaths of Joseph Sanchez, Francis Massias, and Joseph Capitan, inhabitants of the county of Iberville, that the said Michael Massias, the claimant, is one of the first settlers of the post of Galveztown, who came from the Canary Islands in the year 1779, at the expense of the King of Spain, for the purpose of promoting agriculture in the province of Louisiana; on which account the Spanish Government assigned him a piece of land in the post of Galveztown aforesaid, of about one hundred superficial arpents together with a lot in Galveztown, containing ninety feet square; and it further appearing to the Board, from the certificate of Charles Laveau Trudeau, Esq. late Surveyor General under the Spanish Government aforesaid for the province of Louisiana aforesaid, that the aforesaid one hundres and twenty arpents of land was, on the 15th of November, 1793, duly surveyed in favor of the present claimant, the Board do hereby confirm the whole of his claim.
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  4. age 50 yrs., married, nat. Canary Islands