Person:Michael Krieger (1)

m. 17 Aug 1728
  1. Philipp Caspar Kruger1729 - Aft 1790
  2. Johann Christian Kruger1731 - 1768
  3. George Valentine Creager1733/34 - 1810
  4. Conrad C. Creager1734/35 - 1808
  5. Adam Creager1737 - 1805
  6. Anna Catharina Creager1740 - 1821
  7. Michael KriegerAbt 1742 - Bet 1784 & 1787
  8. Henrich Krieger1746 - 1825
  9. George Kruger1747 - 1748
  10. George Krieger1752 - 1815
m. Bef 1769
  1. Henrich Creager1769 - 1806
  2. Philip CreagerAbt 1773 - 1814
  3. Hannah Creager1773 -
  4. Andrew CreagerAbt 1780 -
  5. Michael John Creager1785 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name Michael Krieger
Alt Name Micheal C. Creager
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1742 Oley Hills,New Hanover,Montgomery,Pennsylvania
Marriage Bef 1769 to Anna Margaretha Smith
Death? Bet 1784 and 1787 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States
Will? 30 Jan 1787
Military? Served in the Revolutionary War.
Alt Death? 16 Nov 1800 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States


Michael Creager Sr., son of Johann Casper Krieger/Creager and Anna Christina/Christinah Hoffart(h)/Hoffert/Huffort/Hufford, was born in 1742. Michael was married to (Anna?)Margaretha "Margaret" ??? (perhaps smith or Albaugh). [Note: Irene (Lawson] Creager does not give her maiden name, and I do not have the resource for her name being possibly SMITH.][Source: Internet, op=GET&db=ljcmarv&id=182440: Eric & Leigh Morris Marvin family 1 May 2003: Names her as Margaretha Albaugh.]

Michael Creager, Sr. is said to have died at the age of 42 in 1784, and it appears that Michael, Jr. was born after the decease of his father. Margaret Creager, administratrix, settled Michael's final estate account on 30 January 1787 (Vol G-M 1, folio Page 228: Final Account: Margaret Creager)

Margaretha (Smith?) Creager married 16 March 1790 at the Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick County, Maryland to William Cramer. (Church Records & Maryland Historical society, Baltimore, MD) Now, evidently Margaretha died between 1790 and 1803, as Frederick Baker, Jr. was appointed guardian of Michael Jr. (being 18y old).

From Orphan's Court minutes dated 12 April 1803: "The court appoints Frederick Baker, Jr., guardian to Michael Creager, aged 18 years on the last of March. The court directs that William Cramer, surviving administrates of Michael Creager, representative of said Michael Creager, deceased, the said Michael Creager's distributive share of his father's personal estate." This record would indicate that both parents were apparently dead by 12 April 1803, as the wife of William Cramer was the widow of Michael Creager (Sr.).

Now, in the administration of Michael's estate, there exists a note saying there was a widow and 5 children according to Irene (Creager) Lawson. Others have named Phillip and Andrew as other sons, but I am wondering what the source or verification for their names are. And, if they are member of this family, one of the Henrich's would definitely have been deceased.