Person:Melda Little (1)

Facts and Events
Name[2] Melda Little
Gender Female
Birth[1] July 1858 Alabama, United States
Marriage 21 Feb 1877 Cherokee, Alabama, United Statesto James Monroe Treadaway
Census[1] 1900 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Burial[3] Aug 1917 Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Grove Oak, DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Death[3] 5 Aug 1917 Lakeview, DeKalb, Alabama, United States

Melda Little was the wife of James M Treadaway and they were married on Feb 21, 1877. Her father was John Little, born in 1801 in South Carolina. She had a brother, Marion Little. After marriage she and James Treadaway lived their lives in Grahams, DeKalb, Alabama.On the 1910 U S Census, she is shown as having six children, five still living. Her eldest son has passed away.

Image Gallery
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