Person:Mehitabel Gunn (2)

m. Abt 1638
  1. Elizabeth GunnEst 1638 - 1640
  2. Elizabeth Gunn1640 - 1655
  3. Deborah Gunn1641/42 - 1694/95
  4. Mehitabel Gunn1644 - 1720/21
  5. Quartermaster John Gunn1647 - 1726
  • HDavid Ensign1644 - 1727
  • WMehitabel Gunn1644 - 1720/21
m. 22 Oct 1663
  1. David Ensign1664 - Bet 1664 & 1665
  2. James Ensign1666 - 1754
  3. Thomas Ensign1668 - Bef 1737/38
  4. Sarah Ensign1671 - 1681
  5. Mary Ensign1674/75 - 1681
  • HIsaac SheldonAbt 1629 - 1708
  • WMehitabel Gunn1644 - 1720/21
m. Bef 1687
  1. Captain Jonathan Sheldon1687 - 1769
Facts and Events
Name[1] Mehitabel Gunn
Married Name Mehitabel Ensign
Married Name Mehitabel Sheldon
Alt Name Mehitable _____
Gender Female
Birth[1] 28 Jul 1644 Windsor, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 22 Oct 1663 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto David Ensign
Divorce Oct 1682 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesfrom David Ensign
Marriage Bef 1687 Estimate based on date of birth of only known child.
to Isaac Sheldon
Death[2] 30 Jan 1720/21 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States

Mehitable married twice, first to David Ensign, and then to Isaac Sheldon. She had 5 children with David Ensign, but she divorced him "for his ill conduct" in October 1682.

The divorce charges against David Ensign are recorded in “Connecticut Court Assistants,” page 34. Three charges were made. First he was charged with spreading false reports concerning the death of the King, the flight of the Duke of York, and the Duke of Monmouth being made Protector, and second it was charged that he “continually and unlawfully accompanied the wife of Thomas Long to the great dishonor of God, scandal of religion, and breach of the laws of the colony whereby he hath forfeited his bond made to Hartford County Sept. 18, 1679." The third charge was that he committed adultery with Thomas Long's wife, “or at least is suspiciously guilty thereof."

Three years after the divorce Mehitable married Isaac Sheldon of Northampton, a recent widower with two very young children. Now in her 40s, Mehitable has one more son. She will be 75 years old when she dies in Northampton in April, 1720.

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