Person:Matous Krejča (1)

  1. Matous krejča1719 - 1787
m. Abt 1754
  1. Tomas krejčaAbt 1756 - 1836
  2. Jakub krejča1762 - Aft 1789
Facts and Events
Name Matous krejča
Gender Male
Birth? 17 Sep 1719 Stary Pelhrimov 12, Pelhrimov, Pelhrimov, Bohemia
Marriage Abt 1754 , , Bohemiato Alzbeta _____
Death[1] 24 Sep 1787 Stary Pelhrimov 12, Pelhrimov, Pelhrimov, BohemiaCause: Old age
Burial? Sep 1787 Pelhrimov, Pelhrimov, Bohemia

The SOUNDEX Code is K-620 which includes Krejca, Kratchi, Krejka. John H. Marvin published an article in NASE RODINA that stated that surname "Krejci was spelled with variations each time : Kraji, Kratchy, Kretchey, Cratchy, so that more than not, the family name became just Taylor" - (What's in a Name NASE RODINA John H. Marvin, Vol 2 No 2, page 23).

The Historical Research Center, Incorporated produces a commercial "Family Name History" which relates: "The Czech family name Kracha is classified as being of occupative origin. Many occupational names, although not all, are derived from trades, offices and professions which have long since died out. However during that period in European history when the use of a distinguishing family name was being established those who were involved in a specific trade or held a particular office were considered some of the most important members of the local community. With regard to the surname Kracha, we have a derivation of the Old Slavic term "kroit" (to cut), a distant cognate form of the Greek "krinein" (to divide), here referring to a tailor, or dressmaker. Variants of the surname include Krejci, Krajci, Krajca and Krejicek. The great European emigrations of the early nineteenth century introduced many Eastern European names into North America, including this one.

The Last Sacrament administered and buried by F. Josef Polak.

!CAUSE: Marasmus (diet deficient in calories and protein)It is malnutrition occurring mainly in infants and young children caused by an insufficient intake of food. It could easily be a result of neglect or ignorance. It occasionally used for adults, especially with mental handicap or disease. This is a starvation rather than disease caused by a specific deficiency in the diet such as insufficient protein or vitamin deficiency. In the past it may have meant: 1) Failure to thrive, or 2) Wasting illness such as tuberculosis, diarrhoea or cancer.

!BIRTH: Register Nr 17, Roman Catholic rectory of Pelhrimov, page 127

!DEATH: Register Nr 17, Roman Catholic rectory of Pelhrimov, page 127

  1. State Regional Archive in Trebon, Collection of Vital Registers, RCPO in Pelhrimov
    Vol 17/Page 121.