Person:Mathias Areklet (1)

Mathias J Areklet
d.JUL 1948
Facts and Events
Name Mathias J Areklet
Gender Male
Birth? 1864
Death? JUL 1948

Forde 29th of februar 1948

Dear oncle Mathias !

Many thanks for the letter I got from you, I was a bit worry for you since it became so long before I got a letter. I could read it well, but I saw at your handwriting that you do not see so good, I do hope that you can keep the sight so that you at least can see to read and then write to me now and then so that I can hear from you. You ask me about if Bertel has written to me, but he has not. I got a letter from sister Anna, she has thought of going to Norway for a trip, she has searched for a place on the ships, but there has not been any, she though= that in 1949 it could be a possibility. I wrote in a letter to her, that you wanted to come to Norway and that you and she could come together because you leaved together, she was afraid that you could not manage the journey, but at summerdays I think you could manage it if you were well. I feel sorry for you if you shall loose the sight so that you can`t read or do anything else, I hope you can get some glasses as suites you. We are all well, and have a good time, but how long it will last, it is uncertained, we never know. The rumors is buzzing and the world is going against his ruin. It depends of to stay ready and proparly dressed in Jesujustice clothing, then we have a better homeland to wait for. Any news I do not remember now, so my letter is going to be short this time, hopes that you read this lines. Do you stay with anybody who can Norwegian, so if you can not write, that they could send me some word so I could hear from you, so at the end you are dearly regarded from you brotherdaughter Juditte with family. Diane, I can see now that I have taken the last one first, and this is number two. The third one that I do not have translated yet, is the first one. Sorry about that.