Person:Mathew Holand (1)

Facts and Events
Name Mathew De Holand
Alt Name Mathew De HOLAND
Alt Name Mathew de Holande
Alt Name End Matthew Holand
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1167 Up Holland, Lancashire, England
Birth? Abt 1171 Up Holland, Lancashire, England
Alt Birth? 1175 Up Holland, Lancashire, England
Alt Death? 1202 Up Holland, Lancashire, England
Death? 1212 Up Holland, Lancashire, England
Alt Death? 1224 Up Holland, Lancashire, England

Description: 562297074 Matthew de Holland was the first de Holland to put roots in Lancashire. In Cockers and Chartulary by the Chetham Society appear two deeds for land grants in Upholland to the new Abbey, Cockers and Abbey, one by Matthew de Holland, the other by his son, Robert. Nov. 5, 1202 at the Lancaster Assizes, Ulchtred de Chyrche, in a deed, released his right to 14 oxganges of land in Upholland to Matthew de Holland. (14 oxganges was about 210 acres and may have included the manor house.) Although Matthew owned but 210 acres, his holdings were sufficient to be included among the first families to the region, ultimately becoming one of the major-seated families. _________________________________________________________________

Matthew de Holande (Latin, Mattheum de Holande) is known to be one of the earliest progenitors of the family in Lancashire. Holand or Holande was the spelling used prior to the 15th century. The family settled in Upholland, a village about four miles west of Wigan. The manor of Upholland is listed in the Domesday Book as "Holland". The ancient township of Upholland at one time was numbered among the market towns of Lancashire. A castle and priory adorned this place when the de Holandes were its lords. The castle has disappeared. The church remains, along with diminutive ruins. All that remains now of the Monastery buildings are fragments of some ivy clad ruins, but the Chapel of the old Priory still exists, and is now a Parish Church of Upholland.

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