Person:Mary Unknown (2169)

  • HJohn Libbyest 1602 - bet 1682
  • WMary1614 - 1678
m. 1661/62
  1. Mary Libbyabt 1661 -
  2. Matthew Libby1663 - bef 1740/41
  3. Daniel LibbyABT 1665 -
Facts and Events
Name Mary
Gender Female
Birth? 1614
Marriage 1661/62 to John Libby
Death? 19 Sept 1678 Cumberland, Maine, United States
  1.   There is some confusion as to which of John Libby (Sr.)'s children were born to Mary. The Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, 307 states, "He had two wives. Of the first nothing is known except that she was the mother of all of his sons except Matthew and Daniel, and probably all his daughters. Of the second nothing is known but her christian name, which was Mary." See John Libby (4) and John Libby and Unknown (5) for more information.
  2.   Mary may possibly have been married to a man with the surname of Yates prior to her marriage to John Libby. The information was submitted into the new LDS family history website and was given to Brannon over the phone by a family history representative of the LDS Church.