Person:Mary Tuttle (67)

m. Bef 1730
  1. Samuel Tuttle1730 - Bef 1730
  2. Stephen Tuttle1730 - Bef 1730
  3. Susanna Tuttle1731 -
  4. Martha Tuttle1733 -
  5. Samuel Tuttle1736 - 1813
  6. Sampson Tuttle1738 -
  7. Mary Tuttle1740 -
  8. Lucy Tuttle1742 -
  9. William Tuttle1744 - 1831
m. Aft 9 Jan 1768
Facts and Events
Name Mary Tuttle
Gender Female
Birth[1] 15 Aug 1740 Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Aft 9 Jan 1768 Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesIntentions
to Joseph Harwood

Mary is very popular. According to Source:Harwood, Watson H. New England Harwood Genealogy, Vol III, p. 17, she is "probably" married Joseph Harwood in 1768, and according to Source:Shattuck, Lemuel. Memorials of the Descendants of William Shattuck : The Progenitor of the Families in America That Have Borne His Name, p. 109, she is the one who married Joseph Fox of Fitchburg. Source:Chandler, Seth. History of the Town of Shirley, Massachusetts, p. 453 says Deacon John Heald m. Mary Tuttle of Littleton, and this Mary is the only known person that would appear to fit. Source:Tuttle, George Frederick. Descendants of William and Elizabeth Tuttle, p. xxxviii, unfortunately, has no marriage information about Mary

The History of Shirley is probably simply an error, as Deacon John Heald's marriage record names Rachel Tuttle. The Mary who was wife of Joseph Fox was born about 1748 based on her age at death, so she does not appear to fit either. Leaving it likely, then that this Mary Tuttle is the one whose marriage intention is found in 1768 to Joseph Harwood. If so, then she died soon without children, as Joseph remarried in 1773 and started his 2nd marriage with a son Joseph, indicating the likelihood that he had no previous children.

Inspecting the probate of Mary's father Samuel Tuttle, or her mother, if available, may help provide useful confirmation.

  1. Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Records of Littleton, Massachusetts. (Littleton, Mass., 1900)
    p. 41.

    Mary Tuttle Daughter of Samuel & Martha Tuttle born the fifteenth Day of august 1740.